What’s wrong with our automotive websites and how can YOU change it?



I’m bored.

There’s so little inspiration out there! To read 1 good article, you have to wade through a tsunami of 100,000 bad ones. Everyone writes the same, everyone thinks the same, it’s just a festival of mediocrity that I can’t seem to escape from. When was the last time you read an article that made you think? 

It’s all about being “viral” nowadays.

As a self-proclaimed “writer”, I believe I need to consume good stuff before I can produce good stuff. I have repeatedly asked for help, on social media and in real life, but unfortunately there is not one single automotive website out there that consistently churns out readable stuff.

Why is it all about NEWS? Don’t we already have far too much of that? If I really want to read stories written by the PR department of a motorcycle corporation, about the aforementioned motorcycle corporation launching another new shitty little bike that’s basically just the old bike with some new stickers, I would go to fucking Times of India.

I don’t understand where things have gone wrong, but here’s what I think the reasons are for this demotivating madness. I’ve seen this pattern in all of these idiotic websites, and I’m kinda surprised they haven’t noticed it yet themselves. I guess when everybody looks like everyone else, it’s kinda hard to remember who you really are. Here’s what wrong with ALL of our automotive websites.

1. Rumors are more important than reality:

I just don’t fucking get it. Let’s say there are 2 news stories, one where something real happens, one that people would most likely care about, one that doesn’t involve a bunch of imaginary bullshit, and the other that’s just a figment of somebody’s mind, an obvious attempt at “creation” rather than reporting, a baseless rumor about an irrelevant object.

The second story is the one that always wins, the rumor always gets published.

WHY? I don’t get it. Let’s take for example this post, which talks about a twin cylinder CBR250R. My first question is, who gives a fuck? What possible difference could 2 cylinders make on a 250cc engine? You really think adding a bunch of pistons and valves will make any discernible difference to your top speed or acceleration?

But what’s really interesting about this article is their source, the site that they’ve linked to for this “scoop”. I hate that word, it means nothing, what is a scoop? A scoop of sugar? A scoop of horsecrap? But truth be told, they are being honest here. The site that they’ve linked to here is truly a scoop of donkey doo doo. It’s some weird shit in Japanese that I couldn’t even read. The cover doesn’t even say anything about twin cylinders, it’s just a photo of a whacky looking bike with a lot of numbers written around it. When you translate the page, you see this line:

Decorate the top of the Young machine March issue, it’s scoop about new models Honda to enter the twin 250 sports front.

Are you fucking kidding me?

In a country that has the most number of motorcycles in the world, a place where something new is happening everyday, a land of opportunities and learning, you pick up an unsubstantiated, retarded little line from some punkass little magazine and write a whole article about it? It’s almost like the writer purposely wants the reader to punch his arm right through the screen and die of electrocution.

It may well be true, based on what you’ll see in the next point.

2. It’s all about numbers:

Check out this post about requirement for a writer at Bikeadvice. Do you find anything odd in there? No? Allow me to help.

  • This is a full-time from-home job which needs you to stay online between 09:30 am to 6:00 pm on regular days.
  • Saturdays are half days and Sundays are holidays..!
  • Write a total of 7 quality articles per day on both cars (for MotorBash.com) and bikes (for BikeAdvice.in).

To me, that entire post is a temple of ironies. You want somebody to write about cars and bikes, by staying indoors from 9:30 in the morning till 6 in the evening, on every day but Sunday. But wait! How could  I forget they are nice enough to give half a day off on Saturday! Don’t you find this amazing?

They expect this person to write 7 “quality” articles per day, for 2 completely different domains and interest types. Does anyone have any idea how difficult it is to write just one good article a day? Writing a well-researched, well-worded, good-looking article easily takes 4-5 hours of work, a whole day if it’s big. Just for reference, the part of this article that you are have read till now took me 5 hours to complete, the rest is still work in progress. But fuck that, be a man and write 7 of those motherfuckers every day, and make sure they are “quality”.

It’s OK, I get it, it’s all about money isn’t it? I’ve been working my ass off these last 4 years, doing shit I didn’t want to do, just for the sake of Rupees. I understand you have to be practical, so let’s talk greenies here, how much would I make if I can meet this obviously impossible target?

  • Consolidated payment between Rs 15,000 to 20,000 per month
  • Add to this another few bucks based on performance
  • Additional internet charges (fixed)
  • And there will be pay hikes after regular intervals
  • Needless to mention truck loads of motoring fun you will be entitled to, for free ;)

Do you see the patronizing tone here, or is it just me? Doesn’t it sound like Kim Kardashian is offering you to clean out the semen from her anus 6 days a week, while amazingly managing to sound like the soulless little piece of cunty trash that she is? Most importantly, how the fuck are you supposed to get the “truck loads of motoring fun you will be entitled to, for free ;)” shit if you get out of your room only on Sundays?

It’s all about numbers.

Nobody cares about quality, it’s all about quantity. The unfortunate fact is that it works, people are dumb enough to just click on ANYTHING they see on their stupid phones. This also explains why rumors always win, it’s obvious! The dude who’s writing that shit is like blow me! I’ll just copy this text from this website that isn’t even saying what I’m saying it is, and voila! Article done in 10 minutes. Why would anybody spend the time and effort to write a useful post when he has such ridiculous deadlines to achieve? Even if he is able to do it today, there’s no possible way anyone can keep churning out 7 awesome articles per day for the rest of eternity, unless he’s George R. R. Martin.

Which brings us to the next obvious consequence of this chain of stupidity.

3. There’s no personal touch:

How can there be? You’ve already seen how dim-witted you have to be to survive this creativity-raping environment, how could one possibly write emotional, thoughtful, close to the heart articles when clearly nobody gives a rat’s ass what vomit he is uploading onto the internet?

You could just randomly exchange the writers from Autocar with those from Overdrive, and no one would fucking notice.

The articles that you read nowadays almost feel inhuman, like those bald little Observers from Fringe wrote them. EVERYBODY writes the same diarrhea, vile, unreadable, brainless excrement that should really be declared a biohazard and quarantined in Area 51.

There’ll be a dude reviewing the most powerful bike in the world, and his words will make you feel like he’s talking about his grandma’s moist, wrinkled and saggy boobs.

There used to be a time when legends like Dilip Bam reviewed shit and got sued for 100 crore bucks by giant corporations. Where are those balls? Where’s that originality? I can’t imagine somebody became an automobile journalist even though he hated cars and bikes, it’s not like engineering that you just HAVE to do. Where the fuck is your passion? When did you die and got buried and then rose from the dead to become a zombie asshole auto journo?

If you don’t enjoy writing about cars and bikes, get another fucking job. Don’t ruin my day just because you can’t get your shit together. Go work in IT, nobody gives a fuck what you do there anyway. You’ll get paid better, get more respect, and eat the brains of some pesky foreign snob rather than mine.

If you thought this was enough, wait, it gets better.

4. The cycle of weirdness:

Like I said before, these websites are not in the reporting business anymore, they have upped the game and become the creators. Here’s how this cycle of ignorant weirdness works:

  1. The Scoop: You claim that your “sources” have “reported” this “scoop” that bikes in the future will run on urine and fart like human beings.
  2. The Discussion: You’ll endlessly refer to this totally-not-baseless rumor in your discussions, because if you say something enough number of times it ultimately becomes the truth.
  3. The Claim: You now think well, what the fuck, why half ass this shit eh? So you “claim” that you now are the first to report that piss drinking and methane farting motorcycles are indeed a reality and they are coming to the showrooms “very soon”.
  4. The Discussion Part II: More usage of the obviously-not-a-lie in future articles, cleverly disguising your idiocy with words like “allegedly”, “soon”, “LOL you are fucking dumb aren’t you?”.
  5. The Retraction: Now it’s time for the climax, the punch line, the final blow. After creating that entire shit storm of lies, you very nicely walk up to the people and piss right on their faces. You say you are sad to “report” that no bikes will run on urine and fart like humans.

And repeat. 5 genius articles manufactured out of thin air.

Do you now understand how somebody would write 7 articles a day? He’ll of course go psychotic and write a bunch of imaginary shit! But wait! He’ll then write ANOTHER post saying the psychotic shit he just wrote yesterday isn’t really happening, and then run naked and happy into the sunset.

Let’s take the example of Motoroids and Motorbeam now that we’ve played with Bikeadvice enough. A while back this rumor was started by Autocar that KTM would start selling ECU maps in India. If you read their article, they cite NO source, Mr. Kartikeya Singhee heard a booming Aakashvani while taking a steaming dump and none of Autocar’s editors thought of verifying his claim.

So obviously as it always happens, both Motorbeam and Motoroids picked up on this news, changing a few words here and there from the Autocar article and publishing their own version of the bullshit. Even I joined in on the fun and wrote this article! But this is where the two Motor thingies went a few steps ahead of everyone.

  1. As is expected, the Autocar, Motorbeam, and Motoroids article all sound EXACTLY the same.
  2. Motorbeam and Motoroids a few months later ran stories that NO official KTM maps are coming and that was all a bunch of hogwash to being with.
  3. The best part is that both the Motoroids articles are written by Mr. Yatharth Singh Chauhan, who literally copied half of the first article into the second one before adding a few lines and publishing that sorry little excuse for a post!

It’s just sad the way things work. I tried doing what these guys do, I also copied shit from other unsubstantiated sources, but I just couldn’t keep it up! It’s such a boring, heartless, downright disgusting way to use English. I have no idea how they keep doing it year on year, but the next point may explain something about this ignoramus-ness.

5. It’s very easy to be a lazy ass son of a bitch:

I’ve tried it, and it’s a cake walk. Not just on RiderZone, there was a time when I officially wrote for Honda, pushing their propaganda posts about the Honda Amaze through 20 different dummy websites a day. I was promised 11,000 bucks as payment. I never saw a single penny of it.

I also tried hiring people to write for me, it’s so damned easy! All they had to do was troll the internet every morning, see what everyone else was talking about, copy their content, change a few words here and there, and done. In hindsight I paid them far more than what they deserved, but fuck it, it’s gone.

In some ways I understand why these people do what they do. Writing is difficult, and you get paid next to nothing for it. The only way you can make money is if you are popular. There are 2 ways of being popular, the easy way and the hard way. In the easy way you just post a whole bunch of dog poo every day, indiscriminate fuckery, and because of the sheer amount of content, you get views. The hard way is to write one or two good articles a day, be more or less unknown for a decade, survive on goodwill and your dad’s pension, before finally hitting the big league and still not get paid much because you are too late to the party.

Writers have a hard life.

It’s easy to do what everyone is doing. It pays the bills. I can’t help it if you do it, I don’t even care that much, but when EVERYONE just becomes a bloody zombie, you really gotta think what’s going on. Even if there was ONE website in India that pushed some slightly sensible articles, I won’t be this angry. There has to be somebody out there whose testicles haven’t rescinded into his abdomen. There has to be someone who actually understands what automotive enthusiasts really care about. There has to be at least 1 non-undead writer out there.

I can’t say foreign websites are doing a much better job than we are. Motorcycle-USA, Cycleworld, Motorcycle.com they all also just arbitrarily copy each other and write more or less the same boring stuff. There are exceptions like Visordown, Asphaltandrubber and Rideapart. I’m not saying these websites push daily interesting content, I’m saying they try.

It’s very easy to be a lazy ass son of a bitch, and that applies to YOU as well. It’s like asking why does Bollywood keep producing such horrendously disfigured movies day after day? Dude, they are minting money out there, millions of it. If moronic buttwipes like you stopped paying for the tickets, they’ll obviously not have the money to spend on Honey Singh and the heinous ass shoveling that are his songs. That guy seriously needs to die, with a blunt knife, slowly peeling away millimeters of his skin and muscle and bones, over 2 months, while he is crucified upside down in the middle of Chandni Chowk, and fed intravenously to keep him alive and conscious.

It is because YOU read that shit that THEY write that shit. You are responsible. Which brings us to the second part of this article.

How can you change it?

It’s really simple, stop following such websites! I’ve repeatedly asked people to stop reading Times of India, that shit will make you slit your throat someday. I’m now asking you to do yourself another favor and stop these maggots from entering into your brain.

What food does to your body is what words do to your mind, treat what you read with the same importance as you treat what you eat.

Want to get an opinion about a new car or bike? Want to read some authentic news stories? Want to connect with real people with actual experiences and proven knowledge? Go to Team-bhp. That portal is THE cleanest, most relevant, most awesome automotive website in India. You’ll never need to go anywhere else. Yes it’s hard to navigate, yes it’s hard to find what you are really looking for, but sadly that’s the best we have as of now.

There’s another thing that you can do, which is to start your own website. I don’t mean you should buy office space, hire a bunch of cunts and get a dedicated server, I mean go to WordPress.com and start penning your thoughts on a free blog. Write about your experiences, your thoughts, what you love, what you hate, and why. Write what you feel, the way you feel it. Don’t care about anybody else, don’t write for anybody else.

I would read it.

I don’t know about others, but I desperately need motivation. I’m bored. There’s so little inspiration out there! To read 1 good article, you have to wade through a tsunami of 100,000 bad ones. Everyone writes the same, everyone thinks the same, it’s just a festival of mediocrity that I can’t seem to escape from. When was the last time you read an article that made you think?

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  1. Rahul

    Dude…every time you write an article, you win it hands down. Becoming a huge fan of your work. Was actually tired of the scoop shit going around all over and very few websites like yours are giving some quality content on what on a ‘real life’ motorcyclist. Loved this piece, just like all others.

    1. Pradeep Miranda

      Akhil. Just face it. You are different because you have the balls (and a 12-inch tool) to write what the fuck is on your mind and you don’t care what the reader thinks about it. And… guess what? A WHOLE lot of people love what you spew out here.

      Forget the rest. Haters gonna hate. Mediocre websites gonna be where they are. In a moment of weakness, I sent out a bike review to bikeadvice a couple of years back. I did it. Yes, I found the gear (prizes) appealing and yes, I do have a raging hard-on for my motorcycle even after 10 fuckin’ years ( something my wife will also back up 😛 😀 )

      If you got 5 minutes to kill, then you can check out my writing here – http://prd8r.blogspot.in/
      I put my unedited version on a blog for shits. Haven’t written there in years. But that’s an entirely different animal…

      Bottom line. Keep writing.

      I just realised that I should comment more here cause I’ve been a silent spectator for too long. And that’s not good. You go, bro! Big fan signing out. You need to be told you’re that damn good because you deserve it.

      1. Gyan

        Bike advice…review contest..been there done that 😀
        Just came across your blog/website and quite agree with your points about current automotive websites and mindless cross-copying taking place. Take this recent case of news being reported that Bajaj had showcased a Boxer based Cafe Racer which I think was first reported by rushlane.com (http://www.rushlane.com/bajaj-cafe-racer-boxer-150-12146799.html)
        Pretty soon, the photos and news was on all regular motoring websites including Motoroids (which I am hopelessly guilty of regularly following up like a drug addict in hope finding “some” stuff).

        Now the twist was that the original article has been updated on rushlane saying that “UPDATE: It has now been revealed that the motorcycle above is not a new variant, but a customer modified Boxer 150 motorcycle which was put on display at the Bajaj stand during Turkey Motor Show. Probably to gauge consumer response for a future Bajaj product.”
        So being teh good boy that I am, I commented on Motoroids asking the author to go back to rushlane, check the update and better update the same here.
        However till date my comment is “awaiting moderation” while later comments have shown up and the article is awaiting its update.
        And I have been thinking of starting an “honest reviews” blog too but then..only been thinking.

        Meanwhile, OT, check out celebrityspider.wordpress.com
        This was the last thing I started..and left long back 😛

        1. AK

          I know buddy, it’s all just stupid. I understand why these companies do it, but yeah there should at least be some level of shit you can’t stoop under.

          I checked out your website, and I didn’t really like it. You have a rather formal style of writing that I’m not really a fan of. Having said that, nobody gives a shit about me or my opinions, and they shouldn’t.

          You should write what you want to write and the way you want to. There’ll always be people who’ll connect with it. In any case, it shouldn’t really bother you if you write for yourself 🙂

  2. kingofcochin

    Brother, now you understand the evil of enforced daily output and the very same reason it is downright crazy to be a full time “creative” writer. Emphasis on creative as opposed to the vomit regurgitators that you see in the regular portals.

    The smart and discerning motoring enthusiast would know not to slip in the bullshit spewed by these portals. They would check on Teambhp or the other genuine FB communities and groups.

    These companies serve an audience that deserve the shit that they are served.

  3. Rahul

    Well, well, well, and to think I always thought you got inspired by Visordown ( x number of ways to / bets y number of bikes for $$$$ ) with a bit of Samuel motherfucking Jackson (or jackass son) for added spice.

    But they have a job to do, and that’s to shovel the e-shit. More pages means more ads. So short reviews padded with image galleries, that raises the page hit count and keeps the ad revenue flowing, or trickling. The latter if you believe how poor they are, but somehow manage to purchase costly Icon helmets and Alpine stars jackets, and Sidi boots on their advertising pennies, huh. No, I don’t think they were gifted either.

    Come to think of it, every industry goes through this massive surge where everyone jumps in , all it takes is a computer and few keyboard literate moneys. Quality is rare. Delivering quality in quantity, much rarer. I’ve been asked to blog, or write for blogs at times, but never took up so far only because my 9-5 job keeps me busy enough and rest of the time, I read other people’s vomit ( like this one, ha !). Occasionally, there are good writers , but that’s a subjective thing. Dilip Bam has many, many detractors too, and they’re not the brands he maligned but unrelated individuals like you and I. I used to like Alan Cathcart. And sometimes Kevin Ash and Mat Oxley. And team-bhp !

    I used to like Motorcycle.com too, before they went paid. At least they have wholesome reviews until then. Motorcycle USA still does good reviews, at least the foreign rags dyno the bikes and 1/4 mile runs and publish the results. Many of our sites do jack-all, and ones that do don’t really make it reliable – just 1-2 runs, after all, they’ve borrowed bikes from Mahesh/Suresh/Rajesh who just bought a new RC390/HD-Fatboy/Panigale and wouldn’t dream of frying its clutch. Oh, and doing it on public roads. No wonder top speed runs are so few, and top speed claims so widely optimistic. We/they don’t have private roads, race tracks for hire in a 100 mile reach, or the $$ to hire them every other week for proper road/track reviews. Heck, they don’t buy bikes as some magazines do, let aside a dyno (to be fair, most mags abroad only rent a day to dyno bikes too).

    As for riderzone, so far the only significant difference from other blogs/sites is the potty-mouth you probably inherited from Samuel motherfucking jackson , and the parody fakebiker, sorry to say, but apart from that not all that different from lot many blogs. Sure, you don’t post news (oh you do!), rumours, scoops and all that fluffy shit to up your visitor count, but that’s because you’re not running a commercial site, as your bread and butter, that is not your 9-5 job. Probably as I write this, some other blogger is writing a similar post cribbing on Motor-mouth/Motor-boom, Moto-crapper, etc about other bloggers, like Riderzone and what a cuss-mouth he is !

    Keep writing, but go easy on the potty-words, someday you might have to eat them !

  4. Amit Chhangani

    Hey Akhil,

    My name is Amit Chhangani and I am the founder and editor at Motoroids. Good to know that there are people who are researching us, and pointing out mistakes which will eventually, hopefully, make us get better at what we do. Mistakes do happen sometimes. I admit it, and I promise you that we will do whatever possible to improve ourselves. But I wouldn’t agree about the quality part. At Motoroids, we brief our writers to take their time and do their best to review the machines they drive in great detail. Here, I have a few links for you. I would invite you to go through them, and let me know if they read as if they were written by a lazy-ass writer, who knows little more than cutting corners.


    I am not here to defend myself, so you wouldn’t see me commenting again. But if you find merit in these write-ups, don’t forget to do a story about that as well.

    Best wishes,


  5. thewanderermind

    Yo! I can totally relate what you’re ranting about here. Being on the writing side myself I experience the shit you’re talking about here. The unfortunate part is that in order to get the bread on your plate, even passionate writers working at said portals and publications are forced to deliver a certain target of stories. The order come from the corporations/ people owning the brands and accordingly putting the salary in their pocket. And then again there is the pressure of writing stuff for a certain word count for crappy SEO reasons!

    As much as we’d like to get out of it, it’s a little difficult fighting the bosses to whom the SEO and page ranking matters (as it helps get investors) more than the content, and the passion of the writer. WE get sniped right when we want to do/write something cool.

    As for OD and Autocar. Swap the writer and you’ll see the difference. OD allows you to be liberal with your thoughts and writing styles, autocar is more like a template.

    As for the biking ports, yes Visor down, Ride apart totally rock. Read fastbikes? It’s good too.

    As for starting a website with no bullshit and true passionate content, wait a bit, I’m starting mine! 😉

    As always, it was fun reading this rant.


  6. Abhinai

    Hi Akhil, I run my own online media company based on motorcycles (www.motorcykle.in) and understand where you coming from. It’s true that today, most of the Indian automotive news is copy-paste material and very few (I would say none, except team-bhp) have sense of direction in the way articles are written. I don’t follow any other website/magazine seriously. But the sad truth is, this is how it is currently.

    The best and worst part about online medium is that anyone can produce content anytime and publish it. Obviously, the monetary factor is huge and therefore every publisher is now following the herd. And you have to understand, that to produce “Top Gear” like content, where you are blunt, straight forward and sometimes even rude to a newly launched product (=a car), manufacturers out there still line up to give away their cars for review everytime. This can never happen in India, atleast not for now. Thats why if you are earning your bread and butter though a review website, you have to be diplomatic and baised to survive, by maintaining a healthy and happy “relationship” with the marketing guy of XYZ manufacturer (Start getting sponsored content on your website and you will understand what I am saying)

    I am personally, through my website, trying to come up with something different on two-wheeler related media. You might not see anything substantially different on http://www.motorcykle.in right now in terms of content because we ain’t publishing any in-house stuff currently, but we exist to turn around the way user consume motorcycle related infomation and soon will launch our own wordpress page with a different approach to reviews and news.

    You doing a great job with the article on your website and I hope you will keep it clean and sane, the way it is now.

    All the best…

    1. wheels'n'shields

      lol..i was talking about us mate, the people who genuinely want to give back to the biking brotherhood.
      But still..compliment sounds nice 😛
      And for the hypertension, go get a massage, i hear some have happy endings.. 😉

      Ride Safe

      1. AK

        Haha, time for Thailand!

  7. Rishabh Kaushik

    Hello Akhil!

    Another great piece of writing. I hope you’ll find inspiration soon as I sure as hell found mine in this article and I’ll try my best to fight procrastination regarding resurrection of my personal blog (http://www.religionauto.com/).

    Further, this article of yours is indeed something that we all petrolheads always wanted to express but finding the right words for something so close to our hearts was not that easy (for me at least) but you did a great job. (Doffing)

    If in future our paths will cross (and I hope it does) then your vehicle’s oil top-up will be on my tab (drinks too, obviously).

    Have a turbocharged day!
    Keep revVING!

    1. AK

      Haha, thanks Rishabh! Loved your writing, keep pushing mate 🙂

  8. hammad

    its not about top speed or acceleration its about refinement ! try to drive ninja 250 and Honda CBR250R , then u will understand.

  9. Single Piston

    Really well written, the amount of bullshit that lies out there is just amazing! Majority of such articles written by the big names are either start of a rumour or the end to another rumour started by such.

    Now I accept that I recently took interest in reading automotive articles with keen interest, and did not not know names like Dilip Bam, before I met him personally in Pune at a restaurant, where he himself came to our table seeing at our riding gears laid out haphazardly. I still did not know who was then, but when he told me that he used to write for hard copy magazines, I was slowly getting the grasp who I met but the wrecking ball hit me when I went home and visited his website!

    Coming back, I have started reading the articles written by Mat Oxley for Motorsport Magazine. And boy! Can this guy write!

    But Akhil, I would like to put forth an opinion here on what you have said about writing an article(s) each day. It’s not like everyday that there are launches of automobiles or there are events to cover. Its a niche category of journalism. So where are these guys supposed to get their source materials. The PR companies give them stuff, when they themselves are given stuff by the manufacturers, and I am guessing this doesn’t happen everyday!

    These sites have to survive, the writers, owners, editors have stomachs to feed, so they need to “come up” with something. Now I am not defending the quality of their content or why they do it. But it struck me so I am putting it forward.

    Your article has made me set up my own blog. Hope you visit it when its set up, and leave your comments, criticisms and suggestions!

    1. AK

      Hey man, glad you like my work!

      I agree it’s not like there’s a big launch everyday to report, what I don’t agree with is that these websites need to “invent” stuff to keep up the numbers. There are SO MANY useful things out there that they can review/write about, yet to choose to publish rumors and shit.

      Saw your site, waiting for the first article 🙂 Do ping me once it’s up.

      1. singlepistonrider

        True, there are better things to do than “inventing”.

        And the blog is up and running, just an introductory article for now. But the wheels have started rolling.

        1. AK

          Have fun!

  10. Swadhin

    I used to subscribe bike magazines and read websites, but stopped doing that last year. following are the few reasons why ?

    1 – Articles are boring : Articles like Hero splendors which takes from start to end in a dreariest way possible.
    2 – No excitement about next: Often I never cared what will be in the next month’s magazine.
    3 – No ambition : They don’t have good ideas, may be not enough time and money to do something about their magazines or websites. ( At minimum they can send 3-4 riders to Nepal or Bhutan and write the journey in 3 or 4 series in 3-4 months. But no…)
    4 – Afraid : don’t know of whom, but they’re.
    5 – May be it’s time they needs to increase the price of the magazine or create paid section in the website so that they’ll have something to feel responsible and do experiments.

    1. AK

      Yeah man, agreed.

      I don’t care what they do, all I want is some daily readable stuff that’ll not kill me with boredom.

  11. Reeto

    Point 2 is extremely relevant to present day scenario. Cheers. Keep writing

    1. AK

      Thanks Reeto!

  12. rohan kadam

    This is the most honest if not the best motorcycling website I’ve ever come across from India. Keep pissing them off. About writers getting paid peanuts, well, 30 paise per word is not even enough to buy peanuts. Truth.

    More power to you.

    1. AK

      Haha, thanks Rohan! Will keep it going 🙂

  13. Amit Ahuja

    I do have some passion on writing about automotive stuff and have a blog on it, named http://www.cardowntown.com. It would be great to know as how you think about it and do the above words match for it somewhere.

    1. AK

      I didn’t like your website Amit, it’s no different than Motorbeam or Autocar. I am not a car guy, but I can’t imagine anyone being interested in OLA taking over TaxiForSure or some variant of a car launching in a different continent or other such speculative, mindless gibberish.

  14. Aditya N Bharadwaj

    I love reading and writing. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t spend hours here with an exam tomorrow 😉 It feels like my talent has been killed over the years from all the pressure over this technical education bullshit. I find no time whatsoever, to truly dedicate HOURS into articles, and yes, articles take hours to type. But then, if I truly had the time and money, I’d ride and write to my heart’s content. Let’s hope the day comes soon when I give you company, even if I wont be able to create articles as stomach-tickling or butt-hurting in general as yours 🙂

    1. AK

      Let’s hope so Aditya 🙂

  15. N Sharma

    it takes wisdom earned walking through the jungle of life and greying enough hair before –one burns ‘times of india’ and fondly reads ‘the hindu’ or tears away admags err..auto mags and logs on to team-bhp or stops going to bollywood movies and learns reality thru documentaries…. and let this honey guy live he is the reason to appreciate singing legends of yore

    1. AK