Video Vednesday: A track day in memory of Mihir Chadha



Mihir was a tit.

Track day 1 for me, and this dude walks over and says I’ll be your trainer. Starts telling me weird stuff like “You’ve got to lock your front brake to understand where the traction point is”. Then he says come follow me on the R15, I’ll show you the lines.

2 corners into the demo, he’s half a lap away from me.

“You gotta push man!” That’s the only thing that tit knew how to do.

I didn’t get to spend much time with Mihir, but he was the kind of guy who makes your existence feel pointless just by being in your vicinity. He was a looker, had long hair, spoke like an RJ, and was just too fucking young, I saw girls go weak in the knees just glancing at him.

He died in a motorcycle accident.

Not many people know this, but his death was the biggest reason why I kind of gave up on touring. You start thinking, if a guy of his skill and quick reflexes couldn’t make it, what are your fucking odds? Once you’re scared, it’s over.

He helped me a lot, in searching for a house, on the track, and also in showing me a different way to look at bikes. Before I met him, I’d never used more than 50% of my bike’s capacity. Things are better now.

But after it’s all said and done, he was and will always be, a tit.

He also stole my bungee cords.

In this video, you also get to see what happens when you crash on the track. Me and Shivaji were having a bit of fun following each other, and he braked a bit too much at the end of the back straight. The front folded and he slid along with the bike. The fact that he wore all Alpinestars gear from head to toe helped keep him safe, but in any case, nothing much would’ve happened.

This is the beauty of track. You fall, you get up, dance, and do it again.

You also get to see what one lap of the Chicane Circuit looks like. It’s pretty fun, especially for beginners on small bikes. In that part of the video you can also see how well the SJ5000X Elite handles audio with wind noise, not bad I’d say.

In some ways, this is also a comparison of the GoPro Hero2 against the SJ5000X Elite. Yes it’s not a fair contest, but it does give you an idea of how close in quality SJCAM has come to its bigger and more successful brother. The SJCAM footage was shot at 2K, but had to be scaled down to 720p to match the GoPro’s resolution.

A day well spent.

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  1. Rahul Sen

    He taught you well…

    1. AK

      He sure did.