Video Vednesday: RNickeyMouse and his house of Gore!



Today I’m starting this new section on RiderZone called Video Vednesday. I’m sure you guys get tired of my daily psychotic ramblings, and there are days for me as well when I don’t feel like writing anything. So here’s the plan, I share with you some incredible videos that I love every Wednesday, and you leave me the fuck alone. Deal?

Moving on, before I tell you about today’s video, I have to apologize. I’m sorry because what you are about to watch now will most likely destroy 3-4 hours of your life, time that you’ll never get back, time that’ll be wasted in watching random people crash and burn. Welcome to the Youtube channel of RNickeyMouse! 

Most of you must’ve already seen at least one video from him, he is insanely popular. What I have here is his entire playlist of 90 odd videos that are all about crashes. No bullshit, just motorcyclists kissing the asphalt in a variety of ways and on an assortment of bikes. I have spent hours, if not days, lazing around on his channel. It’s time for you to do the same. I know it’s not Friday yet, but it’s OK, don’t worry about it. Make yourself comfortable, get some water and some popcorn, and have fun!

I have watched these crashes, and a host of others (mostly from Maather Raassia), and it might sound stupid when I say this, but I think watching other people crash helps you avoid the same fate. If you are intelligent enough, if you observe to learn, if you understand the limits by watching others go beyond them, such videos can be a great resource to help you NOT crash.

RNickeyMouse’s channel is special in the way that there is nothing else like it out there. 1 channel, focused completely on only 1 stretch of road, that too on just automobiles. I don’t have to tell you that his level of camera skills is quite impressive, but so is his completely objective vantage point to all of this mayhem. He never brings himself into the picture, although that mystery girl from his videos has gathered quite a number of fans!

I hope this wasn’t an exercise in futility, and that you actually learned something by watching other people do stupid shit. I think such videos have educational value, although I’m certain that view may not be shared by many. See you on next Video Vednesday!

P.S. Yes I know Vednesday should be Wednesday. Look at how much I care. Look. 

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  1. Dhawal Makwana

    Btw.. The name of that Beautiful girl is ‘Shera Richter’ Go ahead. Google her. #instaboner hahaha!

    1. AK

      I owe you one Dahawal 😉