Video Vednesday: Ride Against Man Rape



This 11 minute video only took me 6 hours to finish. Not bad eh, considering my last 5 minute video took 20.

Ride Against Man Rape, while being a totally serious and legitimate ride for a cause, was done entirely to test out the SJCAM SJ5000X Elite. I’ve made timelapses and done some gyro work with that camera before, but this is the first full-on video project that should give you an in-depth idea of what this thing is capable of.

The whole thing is shot at 2K resolution, and 30 frames per second, and I haven’t done anything to change the brightness/contrast/saturation of the footage. I’m pretty sure 1080p would’ve been far more than enough, but I wanted to see how the camera will perform at higher resolution. I didn’t go for 4K 24fps because that’s interpolated resolution, and also because my laptop would’ve spit in my face and punched me in the balls if I’d asked it to process that monster.

In this video, I’ve used the video and the timelapse functionality of the camera. There’s a bunch of other modes too, most of which are useless unless you’re in a very specific situation, like using it as a dashcam in your car, or being underwater. There’s a slow-motion mode as well but I didn’t bother with that, makes much more sense to shoot at the resolution you prefer, and then slow it down.

Take a look.

I’m also trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera. I’ve always enjoyed being behind one, or being behind a helmet, but that shit could only last for so long. Please don’t ask me to groom myself or clean my gear, no time for pointless stuff.

As far as the camera goes, I’m pretty impressed. The footage is great, especially considering that I could’ve tweaked around with the look and feel of it in post-processing, but didn’t, just to give you an idea of what the raw output looks like. Even in the camera settings I always try to keep everything towards the middle, to make sure the camera’s software isn’t working too hard to bling out the video.

Audio is nice too, although there are places where the volume goes to shit, but that’s because of the insane amounts of wind around that area. I’ve never faced this much cross-wind before, and my neck was twisted like the Exorcist girl by the time I got home. The good thing is that all that wind pushes out the clouds fairly quick, and the timelapses come out sexy.

If you’ve used any SJCAM before, tell me your experience, I’d like to include it in my upcoming review of this camera.

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