Video Vednesday: Reality check



It’s good to un-fool yourself from time to time.

Today’s selection of videos talk about what adventure costs. The cost might be in cash, or it might be in things, or it might be something more general like discipline and compromise. The aim is not to discourage anyone, it’s to give you a look at reality, since there are too many people out there who delude themselves and you into believing adventure is easy.

1. How much does a Dakar cost?

I knew something at the level of Dakar was going to be costly, but I hadn’t expected something this insane. I knew CS Santosh and Arvind KP had to struggle a lot to get into Dakar, but I hadn’t realized just how much. Videos like this make Raid de Himalaya look extreme value for money.

2. How much does an RTW trip cost?

Teapotone is a British Youtuber that has been recommended to me an uncomfortable number of times. If I happen to get a bike in the UK I hope to see him someday. This video is about the fine details of the costs involved in a long motorcycle trip from someone who has actually done it.

3. What lifestyle does a traveler end up with

I was attracted by the dog, this dude actually travels with one. This video is all about what’s the life and routine of a traveler. A lot of people seem to believe that travelers magically spawn from one cool place to the next, this video talks about what they do in between the Instagram selfies.

4. What things are needed for a really long journey

Alex is a legend, although every time I go to his channel I am surprised by just how subscribers he has, especially when compared to so many other jackasses out there sitting on millions. Here’s another one of his informative videos about what you actually need to get to do trips like he does.

Show me the videos you love, I’m getting a bit bored.

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    1. AK

      That’s a lot of stuff….

      1. Sudhir Damerla

        Yep, he is very old school and he doesn’t believe in travelling light! But i find the video very entertaining!