Video Vednesday: People I like



Here’s another small collection of Youtube channels whose videos I enjoy from time to time.

1. Abhinav Bhatt

I like people like him, and others, probably because their behavior is the opposite of mine. It takes me more time than an Ent to make a decision, which is why I’ve been without a motorcycle for about 4 years now.

I like people who just go for it, buy a bunch of bikes and enjoy them all. There’s no other way really, motorcycles are not logical, and trying to justify purchasing one usually ends badly.

2. DanDanTheFireman

A very simple concept on the face of it, analysis of motorcycle crash videos, but rather difficult when you get right down to it. This guy does a great job of breaking down what happened, why, and most importantly, what you can do to avoid featuring in a motorcycle crash analysis video.

When I was part of WhatsApp biking groups, one rule that I tried to enforce was no graphic images of motorcycle crashes. My logic behind it was that these images help you in no discernible way, you can’t learn anything from them, they just make you scared, add to the bit of doubt at the back of your mind, doubt that can be extremely dangerous when you have to ride a motorcycle on the insane roads of India.

You have to ride confidently here, or anywhere for that matter, and the video dissection of moto crashes that this guy does actually helps.

3. Megs Braap

Watching her videos can be a strange combination of motivation to ride offroad, and demotivation to give up because it’s tough to be as good as her.

The Youtube landscape is nowadays dominated by people who speak in almost the same way, structure their content almost identically, and just make it quite obvious that they’re a ‘tuber, that ultra quick speech, random plugs for sponsors etc. Her videos are almost a shock after watching those predictable ramblings of others.

Great source for usable, understandable content for offroad newbies like myself.

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  1. Aakash

    Abhinav Bhatt may possibly be the only journalist who speaks facts.