Video Vednesday: What the new RiderZone office looks like



If you read Monday’s article about how much traffic this site gets and how much money that makes, you might’ve realized just how rich I am, and how many 100$ notes I roll into joints and smoke away to glory. An unintended side-effect of so much income is that I’ve had to expand my business, had to hire a few new people to handle so much load.

So I thought of making a small video showing you guys where I actually work, and who the 2 new employees are.

I’d recently got an M20 from SJCAM India, and this video was also meant to see how capable that action camera was in terms of audio quality, and low-light performance, since this whole thing is shot indoors.

Welcome to my crib!

Disturbing is the word you’re looking for.

The M20’sΒ audio quality isn’t bad, but I tried a few different audio level settings inside the camera to see how that affects the final volume. Turns out you simply have to keep it at 10, the max. At 9, I had a hard time listening to what I was saying, at anything lesser, it was simply gone, just slight indistinct murmurs.

The problem is that keeping the audio at level 10 also brings in some noise, which you might be able to listen to in there, but since none of the SJCAMs come with a microphone jack, you have no other option.

You might also have noticed the significant drop in audio volume when I’m facing the camera, the reason for that is the fact that the microphone on this thing is on the backside, under the screen. As long as your mouth is close to that area, things are OK, but the sound drops exponentially as you move away.

This is only just one audio test, but the 5000X Elite’s audio quality felt much better to me than the M20.

As far as the video quality goes, you can notice plenty of noise in the darker areas, which is expected. I did bump up the color in this video too, just to see how much that’d affect things, not much difference. Overall, the 1080p 60fps footage quality is acceptable, but nothing spectacular.

I’ll take it outside and shoot some ride videos next time, where the camera should really be at home. Until then, don’t go into a depression.

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  1. Rohith Meethal

    Have you turned off gyro ? I felt it is off, Indoor quality of the camera is average, but once you take it outside, camera quality is awesome for the price. I have placed camera on front of my helmet and I was able to hear my voice was clear on record, when I was talking to my pillion rider. And gyro works perfect. At higher speeds you will only hear wind noise.

    PS : I brought Sjcam m20 after reading your positive review and seeing video you have taken.

    1. AK

      Gyro was on, but I was moving around a lot.

      True, for the price the package is sex, light weight, small size, and the final video quality is nice as well. Audio felt a bit weird to me, but this is just the beginning.

  2. Rahul Sen


    You just made my… Evening… I guess…


    Super funny….

    You might be broke , but… You still have tits and pussy….

    And I just realised this….

    Today is actually Wednesday!!!

    Congratulations on being punctual man… πŸ˜€

    1. AK

      Yeah, that was a surprise, to have Video Vednesday on a Wednesday πŸ™‚

  3. GaribNawab

    You’ve got Pussy and tits.. What more can a guy possibly ask for? Are there any job openings? πŸ˜€

    1. AK

      I’m looking for someone with ventriloquism skills.

  4. N Sharma

    do we have “the beaver” II in the making πŸ˜‰

    1. AK

      It’s a much sadder version of that.

      1. N Sharma

        rooting for the middle upswing part bud..

        1. AK