Video Vednesday – LOST in Bhutan: 6 bikers, 20 days, 7500 kms trailer



Bhutan was, and continues to be, the most interesting thing that I’ve done in my life. Nothing had happened before, or since, that has made me feel closer to myself, on an almost spiritual level.

And that’s saying a lot for an anti-theist.

The terabytes of data had been sitting on my hard disk since over a year, my editing capabilities were far too fucked to do anything about it. A few weeks ago I wrote the 300th article, asking for partners in crime who could help me unload the huge burden of unseen videos, and many came forward.

One of them, Anurag Saurabh, has edited this one, and I couldn’t be happier.

I had always heard of strangers coming out of nowhere to help others, and have had many such experiences on the road, but I had never really believed in the power of social media to invoke such behaviour. I’ve always found social networks to a monumental waste of time, but for some strange reason I get a lot of positive feedback from them, and that’s addictive. Even though throughout my life the aim always has been to be incredibly selfish, to do things only and only for myself, there’s no drug like instant gratification, and I thoroughly enjoy both the fame and the guilt.

The aim now is to finish the series off, one by one, day by day, show you people what we saw, and more importantly, have something to see when we are old and dying.

1 video a week, stay tuned.

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