Video Vednesday: India at the Isle of Man TT



If you don’t know what the Isle of Man TT is, you are on the wrong website. IOMTT is nothing but that teensy weensy cute little road race that happens to be one of the toughest, deadliest, and fastest on the planet. If you’ve ever seen a motorcycle crash video, you’ve seen the TT.

This Video Vednesday however, is not about the race but a connection with our country that I wasn’t aware of till now. India is no paradise for motorcycle racers, and very few of us have made it to international racing events, be it road racing, track racing, or rally racing. 

But what I certainly didn’t know was that Indians have CREATED competitive machines that went head to head against seasoned manufacturers and gave them hell. Take a look for yourself.

Balls, that’s what it takes to go to IOM, shower some food around, get shit done, and get on the podium. What is also needed is a bit of lunacy, and an overwhelming desire to just fucking do it. I’m not a patriot, but people like these make me proud of sharing the same geographically limited area as them.

If you don’t speak Hindi, I kinda feel bad for you, since you would not be able to understand the feel of this video, even if you get subtitles from somewhere. I know a lot of people, including myself, who are brilliant at English, but suck at life, and this video conclusively proves that language is highly overrated.

It would be unwise to say that this video covers the whole aspect of the man and the machine. I’m certain these people would’ve faced tonnes of trouble while attempting to make this dream into reality, which you didn’t see in there.

There would’ve been moments of self-doubt, fear of failure, and burn of rejection, but that’s exactly what makes this achievement special, the difficulty of the execution, and the courage it took to go for it. 

Do check out this entire channel called Cycling Octopus. Their videos are meaningful, inspiring, and extremely well made. It’s kinda sad that beautiful stuff like this goes unnoticed, while revolting stuff on other channels seems to go viral. But nobody can change that except YOU.

P.S. Yes today is not Wednesday, but that Honda article from yesterday couldn’t wait. 

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  1. Athul

    It is bloody unfortunate not having much of international presence in the motorcycling world, mostly attributed to lack of framework and foundations making the sport largely inaccessible to the general bikers. Of course, new developments are encouraging. However, it can only be considered a spark that still needs to be ignited and protected from blow out.

    1. AK

      Agreed! Unfortunately, there are plenty of fuckers trying to blow the shit out of that tiny spark.

    2. Harkamal Singh

      The day BIC management stop sucking balls of Local richie richs(superbikers) will be the day we can expect that something can happen for the real talent in India.