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Video Vednesday: So you think you’ve got problems?

I suffer from Keratoconus, it’s a condition with no known cause that results in your cornea being shaped like a perky boob, rather than a smooth ass as it should be. The outcome is blurred vision both near and far, ghosting, and just plain mayhem in the vision department.

If I don’t wear my RGP contact lenses, I can’t see anything clearly that’s not touching my nose. These plastic lenses come with their own festival of problems. I can’t look up much, sunlight burns my eyes like a vampire’s body, and even the tiniest speck of dust can mean a giant disaster for me. 

I’ve been carrying these little plastic bastards in my eyes since 6th grade. One day I was happily cycling along to school. A dust particle got stuck between my right eye and the lens, which scratched my cornea. I already couldn’t see shit, and since that day I can’t see fucking shitty shit from my right eye. Now you know why I’m wearing some kind of goggles in all my photos.

There’s a distinct possibility I’ll someday go totally blind.

The video you are about to watch however, makes me look like a 5 year old girl crying about her broken doll. I’ve seen a lot of people with disabilities doing splendid stuff, but this guy just takes the cake for simply giving the least amount of fucks about his condition. I have NEVER seen so much positivity in someone, never heard of such amazing attitude. Take a look for yourself!

I have to thank my friend Rishabh Kaushik for letting me know such killer stuff existed on the internet, I always thought it was all about grumpy cats and sneezing pandas. This is what I like about RiderZone, it gives me a way to talk to like minded people, people who understand that bikers aren’t some kind of psychopathic suicidal maniacs.

We are just passionate people who are universally hated for no particular reason. 

Everybody has problems, no one is perfect. All you have to understand is that problems are always psychological. Until you are breathing, until you are capable of thought, until you dream, there’s nothing that you cannot do. Things that mean full stop for you might mean a new paragraph for somebody else.

It doesn’t matter what bike you have, it doesn’t matter if you are a dude or a dudette, it doesn’t matter what’s your past, it doesn’t matter what’s your present, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter what your friend’s say, it doesn’t matter.

I know it’s getting too cliched in here, so all I’ll say is that get off your lazy ass you ignorant piece of jizzy cunt and go out there and do something stupid.

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