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Video Vednesday: Some gnarly riding in the Australian outback

I watch a lot of Youtube videos, most of them are crashes.

When they are not crashes, they are Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Sixty Symbols, and then some more crashes. I prefer to spend time on Youtube rather than Facebook. When you watch something on Youtube, the creator makes money, when you watch something on Facebook, Facebook makes money. Also, I respect Google as an organisation much more than Facebook. Google gave us Maps, Gmail, Drive, and most importantly, Adsense, the thing that puts the food on the table for me. Facebook gave us Facebook, then destroyed it, and then destroyed Instagram.

While jumping aimlessly through these videos, I found myself on the Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV channel. It’s a popular place to watch a lot of Chris Birch stuff, videos of him spanking around KTM 1190s like they are a schoolgirl in Hulk’s hands.

In their channel, I saw a series of videos about riding through the Australian outback, and thought it’d be fun to watch. Things start a bit slow, and you also take time to get used to the simplicity of the videos. If Motonomad movies were a bit too “documentary for you, things go even further basic with these. But once you are about 2 videos in, you realise what a brilliant adventure these people were on, and how fucking insane all Australians seem to be.

One guy breaks his back on the ride, like actually breaking multiple vertebrae, and still keeps riding! It’s only once his clutch burns out that he’s sent in a car, only later realising how bad things could actually have become. Another one cracks a few ribs but still finishes the trip. One more destroys the back end of his Suzuki, and almost destroys himself and the bike while riding through a tiny stream in the middle of the desert. At some points, it looks like a biker sequel to┬áJackass.

Sit back, relax, and watch how twisted Australian humour can be, even in the middle of a nightmare.

5 thoughts on “Video Vednesday: Some gnarly riding in the Australian outback”

  1. damn.. m jealous of you man..i wish i could surf youtube while getting high all day..
    keep sharing videos man..

  2. I got my shoulder collar bone fractured…So, all I got is Internet for a month of “rest”.

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