Benelli TNT 600i review

Video Vednesday: Benelli TNT 600i video review

This is the first video I’ve ever made with Adobe Premiere Pro.

I would like to be happy about that fact, Premiere Pro is so much better than the shitty Windows Movie Maker that I was using till now. But somehow, the 20 hours of total work that it took me to make this five and a half minute video makes me want to smash the laptop on somebody’s head and spit on the brains.

Videos are important, fun too, but this is fucking ridiculous. I can write 5 articles in 20 hours, 10 if I’m in the mood. Maybe things will get better with experience, I don’t know, but if they continue like this, fuck Youtube. I can’t make crappy vlogs, and if I can’t do it well, I’d prefer not to do it at all.

Please enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Video Vednesday: Benelli TNT 600i video review”

  1. dude may be the bike you is maintained like shit.
    Rented bikes are gang banged.

    I rode the bike for abt 50kmsas soon as it was out of showroom..loved it but its heavy
    Service. thats a joke 😛

  2. Actually the video making was awesome…
    And where do you place the go pro during the track ride… The angle was actually cool….

    And did you get even a tiny bit of discount from the driven guys this time…

    1. Placed it at all kinds of places! Even mounted on the exhaust.

      Na, ended up paying more than I should actually.

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