Video Vednesday: Baron Von Grumble at Isle of Man



First off, I don’t like Baron Von Grumble. He may have over a 100,000 subscribers, he may have this huge fan base, but I just don’t get him. NONE of his videos have any point, it’s just him riding and showing off aimlessly through someplace swearing off at everybody around him for doing stuff he himself did just a few seconds before. I mean don’t get me wrong, I LOVE swearing, but it should have at least some purpose or sense!

People are weird.

Anyways, Glinfy used to listen to this song every morning pooping during the Bhutan trip, and it kinda got stuck in my head, although with a very disturbingly indecent image association. Later he made me watch this video and then I got to know where that music was from. I saw this clip and then noticed it was by him, and I was pleasantly surprised.

He can actually create some awesome stuff if he can keep his fucking mouth shut. 

The other thing I can’t stop thinking of after watching this video is, why doesn’t anybody make such beautiful films about Dakar? I understand Dakar isn’t like MotoGP or the IOMTT, the area is too big to set yourself up for some killer shots, the terrain is too dangerous, and it’s all just too chaotic. But fuck that man, Dakar participants deserve to be enjoyed in slow motion, to be seen waltzing over sand dunes, to have their story told.

There are far too many videos on MotoGP, I watched Fastest and loved it, then saw Faster and liked it, then it was turn for The Doctor, the tornado and the kentucky kid and I was pissed off. That last film is about just one race! Ewan McGregor really needs to to get a real job.

Anyway, hope you liked this week’s favorite video of mine, here’s the crash montage from last week. Will bring in some more Youtube goodness next Wednesday. If you know something worthy of a watch, let me know in the comments.

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