Video Vednesday: Another insane adventure by MAD TV



These old farts are living the life.

A few days ago I’d shared a series of videos documenting the crazy adventure a bunch of Aussies did crossing the Simpson desert. That was done in 2014, and you could tell from the video that the riders were fairly comfortable off the road, and understood what needed to be done and when.

In this one, they’re still learning.

This ride was done some time in 2011, a full 3 years before the Simpson desert one, and it’s easy to tell. They take things much slower, try to ride up a hill in neutral, and of course, crash. Luckily, in some ways, the major crash of the “French Molester” happens towards the end of the ride, by which time the broken collarbone and ribs and the internal bleeding have surely been worth it.

I haven’t done a whole lot of hard off-roading, but whenever I have, it has always been fucking magical. It has that perfect balance of risk and reward, and I wish I could do some more. Sadly, my Duke 390 is setup for the track, and it’d be simply moronic to try and do a hill climb with that, although most moronic things in life do tend to be a whole lotta fun.

Watching the videos by MAD TV makes me want to convert my Duke into a dirt eater, and buy an RC for the track. The Duke isn’t the ideal bike for off-road, but put on some Barkbusters, a bash plate, and a splash of knobby tires, and I’m sure it’ll be half decent at least. Total cost for all these items should be within 10,000 bucks, and far cheaper if you have the skill to fabricate them on your own, which I don’t.

The bigger reason why I’m so keen on doing more off-roading, is because my ancestral place is in the middle of a jungle, and I’ve already explored some 10% of it, and that 10% is enough to get anybody’s jizz flowing uncontrollably. On top of that, it’d give me something else to do in Hyderabad, than just sit on my ass and think of people to piss off. Here’s a small album of some of the off-road heaven I’ve seen till now, some of it is Himachal, other is Hyderabad.

I think it’s about time I started taking donations from people who read this blog.

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  1. Swapnil Chopade

    akhil, whats the difference between Enduro and MX ?
    i am little confused.

    1. AK

      Even I’m not sure. I guess enduro is more about hill climbs and stamina, mx is more about jumps and speed.