Video Vednesday: 6 reasons why we need dirt bikes



In a country like India, filled with potholes and mountains and lakes and forests and rivers, it’s weird that there’s not one single dirt bike on sale.

Hero gave us the puny but still fun Impulse, then chickened out and took it away. Others have given us some nice bikes, none of which are street legal. You can buy a 1 tonne BMW R1200GS here, but no a 100 kg KTM 300 EXC. Why the fuck is that so, I have no idea.

I guess it’s a sign of the maturity level of the buyers. There are plenty of Kawasaki Ninja H2s flying around, too many Ducati Diavels too, but that basic building block of biking, and probably the most fun of all, simply doesn’t exist. There’s no doubt about the fact that people have the money to buy dirt bikes, not that they are too costly, but the bigger question is, do they have the balls, and the brains.

Here are 6 videos to remind you what insanity we are missing, and to remind the manufacturers what a giant market they are giving the middle finger to.

Are you listening KTM?

1. Red Bull Romaniacs

2. Enduro Master

3. Erzberg Rodeo

4. Motocross crash compilation

5. Impossible hill climb

6. Enduro KeX

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  1. Avinash

    Even I have been wondering the same. At least give us a SuperMoto which would make much sense in our market given people here take their dukes from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 😉

    1. AK

      At this point, literally anything with 40 odd hp and long suspension will do. Rest we can take care of.