TUBE multifunction head wear review.



TUBE multifunction head wear reviewA balaclava is a very useful, yet generally ignored piece of riding gear. It protects you from pain in the ears, tanning of the skin and dust and dirt in the air. A good quality balaclava is as important for a long ride as a good quality helmet.

Sometimes it might be a pain to take it on and off each time you want to take a sip, plus it doesn’t provide much protection against cold, unless it is a winter balaclava. Keeping that in mind, Cramster gear has brought in a unique piece of equipment, called TUBE multifunction head wear. It is a cylindrical piece of stretchable cloth, with seamless construction. I don’t know how they did it, but there isn’t one place where you’ll find any sign of sewing or threads! Here is our TUBE multifunction head wear review.

TUBE multifunction head wear review: What all can it do?

It is an extremely versatile piece of cloth, surprisingly versatile. Here is a list of all the things that we used it for:

  1. Balaclava
  2. Skull cap
  3. Scarf
  4. Dust protector

If you think about it, all of these functions have specific items catering to them, but the TUBE does it all! Check out the diagram below to see how it accomplishes so much:

TUBE multifunction head wear review

See, told you, its magic!

Is it comfortable to wear?

Very. The material is soft and stretchy and feels nice on the skin. It is very comfortable even on long rides.

Is it easy to take off and then put back on?

Yes. It is very easy to remove it and put it back in some other iteration. Takes barely 15 seconds from balaclava to skull cap.

Can you wear it in all seasons?

Yes you can. It is thin enough for summer, quick dry for rain, and snug enough for winter. At Ladakh we generally used it as a scarf, to stop the chilly wind from floating up into the helmet. It is truly an all weather gear.

TUBE multifunction head wear review: Verdict

The TUBE is a little thing that can do big things. For any riding condition anywhere in the world, it will help you feel more comfortable. The combination of a standard balaclava plus the TUBE as a scarf is unbeatable for a Ladakh ride. For 299 rupees, it is a steal!

RiderZone recommends TUBE as an awesome piece of gear useful in every possible situation.

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