Triumph: Spy shots of new bikes emerge



Apparently, its pretty easy to get into Triumph’s testing facility in Spain. Pics of the latest Triumph machines being road-tested have filled the internet for the past 3 months. Maybe Triumph have been bad at keeping secrets since the start, and the internet is now catching up. Who knows, all we know is, Triumph is seriously looking into new bikes, and all of them are going to hit India soon.

The latest Triumph ‘In-Progress’ machine that we have found on the streets of Spain is a naked 250cc bikes. The bike codenamed ‘CUB’ looks to be in the advanced stages of development, outfitted with various instruments to measure the performance of individual parts. Like in all developing bikes, it seems to be missing some basic parts like the left radiator cowl (So NO this not Photoshop!!!!).Triumph Cub Leaked Pictures New Bike

Almost a month back, we had got our first look at the ‘Cub’. At that time however, Triumph had not confirmed their plans to enter the Indian market with ‘New Bikes’, so we could have only speculated that this was something which Triumph had in the pipelines. The picture taken at that time showed, that it had a steel frame and a single cylinder liquid cooled engine.Triumph Cub Leaked Picture New Bike

We now know that the ‘Cub’ is one of the 2 confirmed bikes, that Triumph plans to launch in India in early 2015. The ‘Cub’ has a naked street styled look, while the other would be full-faired bike. How do we know, because we caught that beast being tested in Spain a week ago too (The spies in Spain, just keep on giving). This one has a more sport bike look to it, inspired by the iconic Daytona 675. It features dual headlight, single front disc and 5 spoke wheels. So yes, its very sporty in essence.Triumph Daytona 250 leaked pictures new bike

Both bikes would have a 250cc single cylinder engine, and are currently confirmed as the 2 sub-500c bikes which would kick-start production in Triumph’s factory in India. Triumph has already launched 10 bikes in Indian market, and by 2015 would have a clear view of where they stand. Triumph however has always been known for their performance and power bikes. Introducing 2 sub 500cc bikes, would put them in direct competition with KTM, CBR, even Bajaj. We at Riderzone, expect them to put up competitive prices too (none of that 5.7 Lakhs shit), but still expect them to be on the higher side for a 250cc bike.

Most Indians look at the bike, followed by its price and then its mileage. With plans of entering the sub-500cc market, Triumph is making a conscious decision of entering the most crowded and established section of the market. While others like Harley, Indian Motorcycles and Royal Enfield are branding themselves as premium bikes, it would be interesting to see how Triumph’s attempts to conquer the everyday biking section roll out.

What do you think of Triumph’s new bikes. What do they think of their plans. Can they displace the KTM, the Pulsars or should they keep to themselves and appeal to the rich. Let us know in the comments. Finally to those Spanish spies, Good job, keep it up.

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