Terra Motors Kiwami launched, no one gives a shit.



Terra motors KiwamiApparently, Terra Motors is the top manufacturer of electric two and three wheelers in Japan. All of a sudden, they have decided to enter the Indian biking market, and their first offering is a weird-looking piece of plastic that costs 18lacs, and is called the Terra Motors Kiwami.

Yes, you can read that again. 18lacs for an electric motorcycle that “claims” liter class superbike performance in the same sentence that mentions the top speed of 160kmph. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Terra Motors Kiwami is as fast as a CBR250R, but costs 9 times as much, because it has a fancy Japanese name. They seem so high up in the sky with their claims that providing actual 0-100kmph figure seems below their level.

Powered by a 10Kw electric motor, this thing takes 6 hours to charge and then goes for 200kms, which looks like the only positive thing to come out of this entire article. The battery can be charged 3000 times before it needs replacement, so it should keep running for a few years, unless the parts fly away in strong wind somewhere.

It also looks like Terra Motors isn’t finished with the Kiwami, they will launch some other electric scooters at the Auto Expo. I have nothing against electric motorcycles, except the fact that they are soulless, bland contraptions that don’t excite me. Of course the time will soon come when we will all be straddling along on something electric, when the oil runs out. But before that, I ain’t riding something that sounds like a couple of rats rubbing against each other.

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