Indian off-roaders rejoice! Suzuka motorcycles in India.



suzuka motorcyclesNo, this isn’t about the famous Suzuka circuit of Japan, nor is it some new offering from Suzuki. Suzuka motorcycles is a racing bike production company in business since 2000. It specializes in producing dirt bikes, ATVs and their parts and accessories.

As per information by BikeIndia, Suzuka have some tasty 2 wheelers for us to catch some dirt on. Here are the variants that will be available: 

1. Suzuka motorcycles SRM250 AC 2V – 3.4 lacs

The cheapest offering from Suzuka comes in the form of SRM250 AC, which uses a 4 stroke, 2 valve, 223cc air cooled engine. Power is rated at 16.3 PS at 7000 RPM and a peak torque of 17.5Nm at 5500 RPM. The bike tops at 120 kmph, but only has a puny 6 liter fuel tank. Coupled with a 5 speed transmission, 80/100-21 tyre at front and 110/90-18 at the rear, the bike will surely be a trail monster. Weighing in at just 115.5 kgs, it has a whopping ground clearance of 300 meters! You can literally run over a midget and no one will take notice.

2. Suzuka motorcycles SRM 250cc WC 2V – 3.45 lacs

Add just 5000 bucks more, and you get water cooling instead of air cooling. Rest everything remains the same as the AC version though.

3. Suzuka motorcycles SRM 250cc WC 4V – 3.65 lacs

suzuka motorcyclesAdd 20k more, and you get the full blown 250cc water cooled mill, that belts out 22.4 PS at 8500 RPM and 20 NM at 7000 RPM. Top speed is claimed at 135 kmph, due to its feather light weight of 116.5 kgs!

Now the awesome parts – first, all bikes come with single disc brakes front and back, with ABS standard! Second, the prices above are all inclusive. The not-so-awesome part is that these bikes are not street legal! I don’t see the logic in that, but what the hell. I am just happy we are getting to see some affordable dirt eaters, even if they can be run only in races.

Dealerships are being worked out, with Gujarat being first in their cross hair. This is great news for rally enthusiasts, especially people taking part in Raide de Himalaya and SJOBA like rallys. In the past, all they could do was either modify shitty Indian made street bikes, or unload some cash and import something. With these beauties from Suzuka joining the party, things are going to get pretty wild pretty soon!

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