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SOL Metal Man helmet review: Just amazing!

SOL Metal man helmetEver since I bought my Duke 390 in November 2013, I was looking for a lid to match my ride. The Vega helmet I was using (rather abusing) before that had served well over 5 years and we were both sick of each other. As expected, I was looking for something in orange, to compliment the dominant shade of my machine.

I saw a helmet by LS2 that had a few streaks of orange and was quite cheap at 3000 bucks, but it just didn’t look that cool to me. But as soon as my eyes fell on this beauty, I knew this was the one! Oh that shape, that color, and those graphics, just perfect. It was one of those rare moments when I was turned on by a non-living object. And that’s how this SQL Metal Man helmet review came to be born!Β 

SOL Metal Man helmet review: Comfort

sol metal man helmetThe SOLΒ SL68s IIΒ Metal Man helmet, or just Metal Man for short, is an amazingly snug creation. I bought the medium size, which took some getting used to in the beginning. My cheeks were smushed together, forcing me into a duck face. As the inside got shaped according to my ginormous head, things started getting very comfy. I have now driven around 2000 kms with this helmet, and am simply in love with it.

There are 18 air vents on this helmet, yes you read that right. It took me a while to find all the 18 openings, but they are easy to feel when you are riding. There is a constant ruffle in the top of your head and around the face, not a nuisance, but a pleasure.

Even on the baddest roads, plus riding the suspension-less Duke 390, the helmet doesn’t move an inch. It is quite heavy though, so I got some headache in the beginning, which went away with time. Also, I guess I have weirdly huge jaws, so on very long rides the D ring straps give me some jaw pain. Overall, there’s nothing bad in the comfort department that can’t be ignored.

SOL Metal Man helmet review: Safety

The best for the money! The visor is always stable, the helmet itself feels like it is made of solid steel, and the whole package makes your squishy head so much less prone to exploding.

Bombay to goaThe best part about the helmet would be the D ring strap. Most helmets come with that seat-belt type fastening system, that isn’t that safe if you ask me. The D ring system is tried and tested, and gives you the freedom of how loose or tight you want the helmet to fit, every time.

There visor is optically neutral, hence no ghosts on the road. The shape is quite aerodynamic too, so speeds above 160 kmph on the Duke don’t feel that quick. All in all, the SOL Metal Man ticks all the right boxes in the safety department.

sol metal man orangeSOL Metal Man helmet review: Looks

A helmet’s primary function is NOT just to look good, but it is always an added advantage. I have never seen any helmet, even the 40k Arai ones, that look as good as this one. There is a detachable piece on top, with an outward flowing shape that makes it look outstandingly cool.

I bought the orange color, and the graphics on this thing are simply out of this world! So much detail, it is just a treat to look at.

SOL Metal Man helmet review: Verdict

The SOL Metal Man helmet is a gem, very comfy, very safe, and so dashingly beautiful. I got it for 5700 bucks from Let’s Gear Up, Bangalore, which is a wonderful place to buy your biking stuff and talk to some real bikers. I have seen it available online for around 5500 bucks, but I would strongly suggest you try before you buy.

RiderZone recommends SOL Metal Man helmet to every orange bike owner.

31 thoughts on “SOL Metal Man helmet review: Just amazing!”

  1. Hi Akhil,
    Very nice and detailed review. I have some questions…
    LS2 is one of the popular brand amongst us with slightly lower price.
    How would you compare the comfort of LS2(say Phobia) and SOL(Iron Man) helmet.
    Also there are many vents on SOL, does it cause any kind of problem in heavy rains.?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Bhushan! I think LS2 is as comfortable as SOL. The price difference may be because SOL is imported, and they look snazzier πŸ™‚
      I recently rode around 150 kms in heavy rain, no problems at all. Just close the vents and keep going πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks man πŸ™‚ helped me take a decision
    As a duke owner, I must go for orange too πŸ™‚
    Waiting for stock to be available, its not available in Pune right now.

    1. I know man, I had to buy it from Bangalore. If you have the time, the helmet is available at A H Helmets Andheri.

  3. Hi Akhil, Nice Review as always..Can you please give us tips how to keep our helmets clean and hygiene for a long period of time. Also the name of materials available for cleaning helmets.

    1. Umm, unfortunately I haven’t cleaned my helmets till date, so I can’t really tell you what materials to use! What my friends do is just take out the padding and give it a good wash. No separate cleaning agents needed.

    2. A little late for the party here. Try Muc-off Foam Fresh. I’ve been using this since past 1.5 years, and I find it surprising that it’s dirt cheap, considering the work it does for you!
      Akhil, even you should try it sometime.

  4. Hi Akhil,
    1. what is the wt in gm of this, can u check back of helmet/box specs?
    2. Does it fog on the inside of visor while exhaling ?
    3. How is the wind noise/howling while wearing the helmet ?
    4. Does the open vents create wind noise ?

    1. Helmet weight is 1.5 kgs. Fogging happens, but it’s not a major problem, especially if you open up the visor by a few centimeters. Wind noise is there, but not too much, I always wear ear plugs on long rides. Vents don’t affect the wind noise with this helmet.

  5. “I have never seen any helmet, even the 40k Arai ones, that look as good as this one.” exactly my thought. SOL helmets are the best looking ones i felt. i too own one but not metal man, unicorn III

  6. Akhil, how about the SOL illusion helmets compared to metal man? Do you recommend it? I’m not sure what’s the difference apart from graphics.

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