Rynox Optimus review: The best tank bag.



Rynox optimus reviewWhen you are on a long ride, even a big saddle bag like Viaterra Claw might not be enough. You need to carry more stuff and that too away from your shoulders. This is where tank bags come into the picture. They give you an easy way to stow away stuff you will regularly need. Tank bags is a special gift for photographers, who get an easy access area to keep their favorite toy.

When we went out to buy a tank bag, there were a number of choices. Viaterra have the Ranger and the Fly, Cramster has the Turtle and then there is the Rynox Optimus and the Navigator. We heard such positive reviews about the Rynox that we got one immediately. Here is our Rynox Optimus review that tells you how this little bag can change your biking life. Rynox call it the Optimus – M. We think the M is out of place and like to keep the first name only. 

Rynox Optimus review: Is it spacious?

It is the most spacious tank bag out there, hands down. In its “normal” state, it has a capacity of 21 liters, but there is a twist! The bag can be expanded by using one long zip, which increases the capacity to 29 liters. You can fit any full face helmet inside the Rynox Optimus with ease, if that doesn’t tell you how awesome it is, we don’t know what will.

Does it fit nicely on the bike?

Absolutely. Rynox Optimus comes in two variants, magnetic and suction. Magnetic fits on metal tanks like Pulsar 150, suction is for plastic ones, like Pulsar 200NS. For this Rynox Optimus review, we got the magnetic one. We drove the hell out of it over long distances and difficult terrain, but it didn’t give us much trouble. Of course it moves a bit around when you are negotiating 3 foot boulders, but it is very easily manageable.

The big difference between this bag and others is the way the magnets are distributed. They aren’t fanned out on 4 different legs on the Rynox Optimus, they are part of one big circle which gives it much more stability. Plus there are 5 of them!

We did not get to check the suction system, but we hear its pretty awesome too. In either case, you also get straps with the bag which you can use to tie it on the tail, lots of flexibility here.

Rynox Optimus review: How many pockets does it have?

There are 5. Two side pockets can hold folded documents, there is one upfront useful for keeping cards and money. There is also one mesh pocket inside the flap, where you cane keep memory cards and batteries. And then there is the brilliant part, there is a transparent pocket at the top where you can slide in your map and keep a tab on your route. Everything works brilliantly.

Rynox Optimus review: How is the build quality?

Very nice. The magnets are extremely strong, and also have enough padding so that they don’t scratch the tank. The zips are nice too, but sometimes go haywire, Rynox can surely go for a better quality one, like the one on Viaterra Fly. The bag keeps its shape really well and looks great.

Rynox Optimus review: It is waterproof?

Yes. The bag itself isn’t completely waterproof, but it comes with a rain cover. And guess what, the rain cover is transparent on top, which means you can read your map even when it is raining mighty. With the rain cover on, there was no dampness inside the Rynox Optimus, even when we drove through heavy rain for hours.

Rynox Optimus review: Should you take it to Ladakh?

Hell yeah! It is a must have for such a long trip. For us, it was a boon, since we kept our camera in there, makes it so easy to just take it out, take your shot and ride again.

Rynox Optimus review: Verdict

Buy one. It is so awesome, particularly for those short trips where you don’t want to carry the huge saddlebag but can’t carry something on your shoulders either. It costs 3150 rupees and is a bit on the higher side, but it is great value for money. All we ask of the Rynox team is to get better quality zips. You can get the suction cup thingy by paying 200 bucks more.

RiderZone recommends buying the Rynox Optimus, must have accessory for even a casual biker, makes every trip easier.

Image source: www.zigwheels.com. Video review coming soon! 

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  1. Abhinav

    Awesome Dude!! Definitely helpful for first timers.!!

    1. AK

      Thanks Abhinav!

  2. Akshat

    Thanks…that was very helpful,I am looking forward on buying this product.

    1. AK

      Go right ahead my friend 🙂

  3. Atul Kumar

    Thanks Akhil..bought it right away seeing your review..Nomad v2 next on my list..yet again thanks to you !!

    1. AK

      Welcome my friend!

  4. Harsh Vardhan Singh Rathore

    Thanks Akhil. Based on your review, I bought the bag. Quality wise it looks and feels good.
    Just one issue though, my iphone heated up to the point that temperature too high to operate pop up came. But i guess that will happen in Delhi summers, plus I was using google maps and player at the same time in the scorching noon heat. But I guess this will happen in every bag or phone holder which is covered.

    1. AK

      Yep, that’ll probably happen even with an open mount.

      1. Harsh Vardhan Singh Rathore

        any way around to this?
        I plan to use the phone for maps, music while it is hooked up to power bank.

        1. AK

          If the weather isn’t too bad, you shouldn’t face any major problems. The phone will heat up for sure, but not enough to impede any functions. I can’t think of any way to make the heating stop though, on the inside of the top flap there’s a mesh pocket, maybe you could put some cold water pouches in there, but I don’t see that working well for too long.

  5. Mani Jawa

    The Rynox optimum – m tank bag is not available anywhere online or in karol bagh. Can you help me where I can buy it from?