Royal Enfield Continental GT: Complete report



royal enfield continental gtRoyal Enfield launched the Continental GT, its fastest motorcycle yet, at a ceremony in Goa yesterday. I was not invited, of course, I hope that will change soon. It would be fun to spend the day in Hyatt on somebody else’s money, oh the bliss. Anyway, here’s the complete report on the bike’s features, specs, good and bad and the ugly.

Royal Enfield Continental GT: The Good

  1. First Cafe Racer for the Indian market.
  2. Attractive looks, a sure head turner.
  3. Fastest Royal Enfield till date, with a 535cc, 29hp, 44Nm engine with a re-mapped ECU.
  4. High quality Pirelli Sports Demon tyres, 100 section front and 130 back.
  5. Superior Brembo brakes, 300mm disc front and 240mm rear.
  6. Available in yellow color, a first for Royal Enfield.
  7. Bike retains the kick-start option, unlike most new bikes nowadays.
  8. Handlebar mounted rear view mirrors look cool, they are an option though.
  9. Comfortable seat for long rides.
  10. Optional power-parts be available from RE in future.  

royal enfield continental gtRoyal Enfield Continental GT: The Bad

  1. The bike is priced a bit higher than it should be, 2.05 lacs Delhi, 2.14 lacs Mumbai (on road).
  2. Weighing in at 184Kgs, it isn’t light by any standard.
  3. Mileage is expected to be in the 20-25Kmpl range.
  4. The bike isn’t flickable or a corner muncher.
  5. The riding position is sporty due to the clip-ons and the big fuel tank, which can’t be good for those long rides to Ladakh.

Royal Enfield Continental GT: The Ugly

  1. Cafe Racers are known for their no-frills speed and agility, the Continental GT doesn’t have either.
  2. The power band is too short for the bike to be any fun in city or the highway.
  3. A 5700RPM redline is not something to be excited about.
  4. Vibrations can overpower the riding pleasure pretty quickly.
  5. The bike looks cool ONLY without a pillion seat, big problem for tourers and people with friends. royal enfield continental gt

RE also launched their riding apparel at the event, which doesn’t have anything special to comment on. All in all, the Conti GT isn’t something I would run to book right now. It is an average performer in every way and brings nothing special to the plate. I am sure RE will soon be flooded with orders and the waiting period will go over the average human lifespan, but that won’t stop the RE fanatics now, would it?

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  1. Nikhil S

    Ladakh??? you thought of that place just because you are reviewing a RE?? 😀 But yea vibrations are crazy.. but in a way that’s it’s character.. old school!!!

    1. AK

      For you, maybe. For others vibrations are a design flaw.

      1. Nikhil S

        Agree. This bike is not for everyone. The decision to buy this one comes from the heart. The brain will never agree to buy a GT.