Riding pants you can wear to the movies!



wrangler riding pantsWrangler, the well-known apparel brand, has launched something special. Something that can change the way we rider. Something that can make riding pants obsolete.

They have introduced a new range of abrasion resistant denims called Tough Gear. These denims will be made in collaboration with Invista, the makers of Lycra.

Riding pants are must for long rides, their tough material protects you against bruises and the protectors help your bones stay in shape. However, they aren’t the best things to wear to a party, or the movies. You will walk like a duck and look like a pedophile, with numerous lumps on your pants. However, Wrangler has now given us a solution. 

The Tough Gear Denims are available in two types, Tough Gear 2x powered by Tough Max, which are twice as strong as regular denims and Tough Gear 4x employs Codura which are four times stronger compared to regular denims. Codura is the stuff used in most modern riding pants, so that explains the abrasion reistance.

The technically advanced denims retain the comfort of standard cotton denims but have the added benefit of abrasion resistance but without any protectors. Although knee and hip guards are important, it is better to have some protection than nothing at all. All that remains to be seen is how comfortable these new denims would be, so run to the nearest store or order them online now!

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