RiderZone income and traffic report: January 2018



Let’s set the mood a bit.

Right then, I’m planning to start putting out income and traffic reports again every month. Sure it’s a depressing exercise, but it should help me get a bit more organized, to face facts, and more importantly it should give an idea to anyone planning to make a living online of what they are getting themselves into.

Riderzone traffic report: January 2018

Total views: 29,297

Average per day: 945

Change from last month: +20%

Change from same month last year: -50%

January was not a bad month considering I had basically given up on the site for a year and then brought it back from the dead. Sure the traffic is half of what it was last year, but that was a different time. At least disciplined articles every day or so did help increase the traffic 20% this month from December 2017.

Riderzone income report: January 2018

Total income: $ 20.88

Adsense income: $ 18.48

Youtube income: $ 2.40

Patreon income: $0

Yeah, I know. This is also expected because of the lack of updates on the site, looks like if you don’t post often enough your RPM goes to the sewer. Patreon income has obviously gone to shit as well, even my wife stopped sending me money. Youtube income is understandably low too, I don’t like videos much, and there isn’t enough content on my channel.

I also have an Amazon associates account, but that doesn’t make anything because I usually don’t bother including links in my articles. I don’t want to ask someone to buy something from a specific link, because I actively avoid doing that myself.

All in all, this is a train wreck, but not a plane crash. 

Things could get a bit more positive if I manage to stay disciplined. I have also attempted to streamline my social media engagement by deleting everything but Facebook. Twitter never got me much traffic, and Instagram got me none, so off with their heads. I’m spending a bit more time on Team-bhp nowadays, and trying to understand Reddit as well. For someone who used to be a marketing manager, I suck at marketing.

The plan is to just keep my head down and write 5 articles a week, then look up every month or so to see what’s what. Part of my motivation is the jealousy I feel at other stupid websites being more popular than mine, the other part is that I don’t seem to be good at much else. My attempts to get a job have been met with one rejection after another, so this feels like my only option at this point.

Let’s get on with it then.

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  1. Ranjit Prasad

    Five articles a week?? Where are those articles going? Nothing is coming here.. Kick-start this website again.. Missing your fun reviews n trip stories..

    1. AK

      What do you mean nothing is coming here? You can’t see the articles on this site’s home page? Do you follow me on Facebook?