Riderzone income and traffic report: February 2018



Oh boy, this is always fun, (Borat voice) NOT.

I managed to write 18 articles last month, that’s not bad at all, although 2 short of my initial target. I’d aimed to write 5 a week, but halfway through the month I realized that I’m not able to keep up, the quality of the posts went down a bit if I had to write every day. Towards the end I aimed for only 3 a week, and that’s the plan now for March. With a full-time job, if I push myself too hard, the articles come out with too many mistakes, little research, and no humor. I have the luxury of being able to write for fun, it’d be sad if I became just another douchebag blogger.

Here are the stats for February.


Total views: 31669

Average per day: 1132

Change from last month: +20%

Change from same month last year: -32%

Another month of 20% increase in traffic, not bad at all. It’s important to note that the change from last month and year values are based on average per day, months don’t have the same number of days, it’s wonky to compare them directly. I’ve recently integrated Google Analytics into this site as well, I don’t know what to do with so much information, but at some time in the future I hope I will.


Total income: $ 20.89

Adsense income: $ 20.89

Youtube income: $ 0

Patreon income: $0

Yeah boy, that’s fun to look at. Youtube sent me an email last month telling me that I didn’t satisfy their stupid criteria to keep making money from Youtube, so they threw me out of the program. Meh, it’s not like they were making me millions, gives me another reason to not make videos.

Patreon is still hilariously at 0. I don’t actively ask people to contribute there because writing is my choice, there is no reason why someone should have to fuel this lifestyle. However, I could use the money, so I don’t remove the link from the website. It’s the perfect lose-lose strategy.

If I keep writing consistently, it should look like watching a train wreck while time is going in reverse. Right now things are bad, but hopefully the engine will fly back onto the tracks, the driver’s neck will get attached to his body, and the screams will turn into smiles. Until then, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

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