Pulsar 400CS in 2015: Bajaj-KTM upcoming bike launches revealed



Bajaj Auto Ltd., which surprised all with the Pulsar 400SS and Pulsar 400CS at the auto expo, has now revealed the launch sequence of bikes till 2015. The good news is that we will see 4 new bikes this year, the bad news is that the amazing Pulsar 400CS won’t be seen till next year! As reported by Motorbeam.com, the bikes will be launched in the following order:

1. Bajaj Pulsar 200SS:

The bike which everyone saw on the road but no one at the Auto Expo, will be launched first. By all standards, it will look exactly the same as the Pulsar 400SS, except minor cosmetic changes and the engine capacity of course.

The Pulsar 200SS should use the same engine as the 200NS, with minor tweaks to add in the fuel injection. I don’t expect the power, torque or mileage figures to vary too much from the NS. The triple spark engine should make around 24 horses, and ABS is expected to be at least an option, if not standard.  

The twin projectors upfront and LED “eyebrows” should give the bike a lot of oomph. Expected to be launched below 1.2 lacs, we should expect this machine to hit the showrooms any day now.

Pulsar 400SS2. Bajaj Pulsar 400SS:

The Pulsar 400SS took everyone by their balls at the Auto Expo, with considerable help from the Pulsar 400CS. It looks huge, has those piercing, droid like projector eyes and a presence that Pulsars never had. It will house the same engine as a Duke 390, although being a fully faired beauty, I expect people to love it even more.

Power figures should be around 44 horses and 35 Nm torque, ABS should be standard and so should be the Metzeler tires. The twin projectors and big wind shield should make it a tourer’s best friend, even during those night rides.

The Pulsar 400SS is expected to be priced just around 2 lacs, and should provide amazing value for money. The launch date should be sometime around May 2014.

KTM RC 2003. KTM RC 200:

This is where things start to get interesting! After launching the desi bikes, Bajaj will bring in their angrezi counterparts via their partnership with KTM. KTM RC 200 will be a distant cousin of Pulsar 200SS. It will use better quality materials, should have more snazzy looks and a bit more power and torque.

It has been quite a long time since KTM RC 200 was unveiled. Most people expected the bike to be launched at Auto Expo, but now it looks like Bajaj has other plans on their mind. The KTM RC 200 will be priced around 1.7 lacs and will get all the equipment that the Duke 200 does. Additional goodies would be twin projectors and daytime running lights, which should make that front look really interesting. The fuel tank will be reduced by 1 liter, so long distance touring will be a big pain.

The rear seat will be almost like a Yamaha R15 V2.0, so pillion comfort will be minimal at best. Expected launch date is around July 2014.

KTM RC 3904. KTM RC 390:

This one should be interesting, the fully-faired version of an already loved bike. The Duke 390 has been a favorite of performance enthusiasts, including me, since the day it was launched. The only differences between the Duke and the 390 would be 1 liter less fuel tank space, dual projectors and daytime running lights up front, and full fairing. Of course the price of this one will be around 30,000 more than the Duke, around 2.6 lacs.

The rear seat on the RC 390, like the rC 200, will be up in the air, so pillions better be ready for some scary moments. Power and torque figures should be 44 hp and 35 Nm respectively.

Expected launch is around July 2014, hope to see this soon!

Bajaj Pulsar 400CS5. Bajaj Pulsar 400CS:

This is really disappointing. The Pulsar 400CS was one of the most popular bikes at this year’s Auto Expo. That forward biased rake, stubby exhaust and futuristic headlight and instruments delighted everyone. Time for the bad news then!

Don’t expect to see the Pulsar 400CS on our roads before 2015. I know guys who are already waiting for this bike to be under them, so I can imagine their anger at Bajaj. But then again it was showcased as a concept, so delay in launch was expected.

The Bajaj Pulsar 400CS uses the same engine as a Duke 390, so there won’t be much of a difference in power and torque. Riding position will be a bit more comfortable though, thanks to Bajaj’s take on the new Power Cruiser segment. Expected launch price is below 2 lacs, and date is first quarter of 2015. Hurry up Bajaj, this one can’t wait!

Image source: Motoroids.com, Gaadi.com and Xbhp.com

Update: RC390 and 200 are just about to be launched, the rest are still just rumors and concepts. Bring them in soon Bajaj!

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  1. Tousif

    Wen can I purchase bajaj pulsar 400ss

    1. AK

      I think it will be available only by the end of 2014 Tousif, if not 2015. 200 is still testing, 400 will take a while.

  2. Ajith

    Eagerly waiting for cs400 hurry up