Bajaj Pulsar 200NS: Red+Black and White+Black Variants

Pulsar 200NS: Now available in 4 new colors

Bajaj has decided to mix it up a little by introducing 4 new color schemes for their Pulsar 200NS. 3 of these new color themes will be dual-toned, and should be available in showrooms soon.

The 4 new color themes are:

  1. Midnight Black
  2. Black and Blue
  3. Black and Red
  4. Black and White
Bajaj Pulsar 200NS: Black and Blue Variant
The Black and Blue Combo

These 4 new color schemes would be replacing the existing color variants of the 200 NS, namely: Cherry Black, Safire Blue, Tosca Red and Mustard Yellow.

All of the 4 new themes have Black as their primary color, with Blue, Red and White being used as streaks. This is in-line with the dual toned color schemes Bajaj introduced in the 220 version. It should be noted, that the 200NS would only be sporting new colors, and these bikes would not have the fuel-injection technology. That feature along with other upgrades (we are looking at you ABS) will be available mid next year. So this maybe a dual layered strategy to boost sales and to clear stock of the current 200NS.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS: Red+Black and White+Black Variants
The Black and Red Combo + The Black and White Combo

The new color scheme should be able to attract customers by offering them the same old reliable Pulsar in a relatively new look. Check out Pulsar 200 NS in its new avatar below, and tell us how you like this new haircut.

Noteworthy is the fact that Bajaj are discontinuing their most popular color: The Mustard Yellow. It would be interesting how the customers react to this news. We would put our 2 cents on the theory, that Bajaj is holding off the Mustard Yellow color scheme for a special occasion, possibly the launch of the new Pulsar 200NS in 2014. Even then we expect the color scheme to be dual toned, quite unlike the Yellow Pulsars that we see on the road today. So if you wanted to own a Mustard Yellow Pulsar, you better make your way to showroom soon, or at-least find an able paint-job.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS: Mustard Yellow variant
The original Bad Boy in all its Mustard glory

With the advent of sport biking in India, the look and feel of a bike have become increasingly more important. So much so, that there is an inverse relationship between getting laid and owning a Splendor. Pulsar has always been a fan-favorite among Indians, but with giants like Triumph and KTM entering the market, it is becoming increasingly competitive. Retiring a color scheme, which has been a signature of the brand could be a risky move. But Bajaj has always believed in rejecting the old for the new (remember the round headlight Pulsar, we at RiderZone do), so all this yellow rage might be much ado about nothing.

The Bajaj Pulsar 200NS utilizes a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC, liquid-cooled engine with a displacement of 199.5 cc. It produces a peak output of 23.2 BHP at 9500 RPM and a torque range of 18.3 Nm at 8000 RPM. The bike is priced at Rs. 87,794/- (ex-showroom, New Delhi), and Rs 87,514/- (Ex-showroom, Mumbai).

Tell us what you think. Will this new color scheme sway you either way, when buying a Pulsar 200NS. Would you rather wait for the new and improved 200NS with fuel-injection and shit? Do you hate Pulsar with all bile and venom? Or do you fall somewhere in between? Tell us what you think, in the comments.

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21 thoughts on “Pulsar 200NS: Now available in 4 new colors”

  1. I’m so pissed of at bajaj for discontinuing the mustard yellow scheme that too right when I had made a desicion to buy it.I really hope that I will get the bumble bee as soon as possible. And yes, to me the dual tone color schemes doesnt look good at all..

    1. I know the feeling man! I would suggest you wait a bit for the 200SS, the full faired version. It has got projectors for sure, fuel injection and ABS are also on the cards. Will take about 3 more months for launch though, after the Auto Expo in Feb 2014.
      Bumblebee was the best!

    2. Please mail to the bajaj , i have done thrice, let them too hear about it. We want the solid color back either yellow or red will do for me.

      1. I am certain Bajaj understood that solid colors were very well taken, just a cursory look at the sales figures would have been sufficient to attest to that fact! It is likely that a higher priced, special version kind of NS is down in the works, and we should see it soon. Otherwise, just go for a wrap! Convert your bike to whatever color you like. Check out

      2. I called each n every possible showroom in maharashtra to know the availability of NS (Yellow). fuck man..noooohhhhhh…no single bike is availble..tried to buy second hand but that was not in good condition..
        Go to hell bajaj… :\

  2. I decided to buy mustard yellow 200 ns but I got really irritated when i heard that bajaj stoppped the production of it and started manufacturing 3 color bike models.. new tone looks really awkward… I’m pissed off and now I’m planning to get duke 200 and i’m sure bajaj is gonna lose all its customers very soon… I’m pissed off with bajaj..

  3. after a long discussion and comparision and stuff i decided to buy pulsar 200ns. when i went show room i jus cudnt make out diference between discover and pulsar colors its that pathetic. do u’ll have any idea when is yellow color pulas cuming again?
    dont wanna regret after buying it coz its my hard earned money and have saved it mar mar ke…

    1. There is no confirmation when the yellow color will surface again Yash. Even when it does, it will be in dual tone most likely, perhaps a special edition with fuel injection and ABS. This is all just speculation.
      Have you tried the dual tone white – red combo in the NS? Looks really nice to me and has a better presence than other colors on the road.

    2. Really man…the new addition of mixed up colors feel really awkward…
      I request bajaj to plzz manufacture d old single color machine..

  4. I also had plans to buy bumblbee…shit bajaj…now what should i do..
    I did`nt liked new dual toned colors.

    1. No one liked them man! Ain’t nothing to do now but go for a Duke 200 perhaps? Or maybe wait for the 200SS.

  5. I was planning to buy the Pulsar 200ns in Yellow… But when I got to know that the Yellow one is no longer available… I kind of skipped the plan..
    Disappointing to know that a company can stop manufacturing the color which was selling the best…

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