Probiker riding gloves review.



Probiker riding gloves reviewRiding gloves are THE most important part of riding gear, even more than a jacket. The only thing that comes on top would be a helmet, but that is rather too obvious. Gloves provide protection to your hands in the event of a fall, which is very critical. The reason is that, when you are off your bike, instinct makes you work your hands trying to balance the things. This makes them scrape the asphalt real bad. If not for gloves, your hands would be badly bruised, if not broken, I am sure many of you have experienced that as well! 

But when we go out there to buy riding gloves, we sometimes get greedy and go for the most basic ones. I am, for one, guilty of this. My first riding gloves were the Probiker ones, in their shining red color. Over the years I have ridden thousands of kilometers with them and here is my Probiker riding gloves review.

Probiker riding gloves review: Are they comfortable?

Hell no! The molded plastic on the knuckles burns into them and causes painful rashes. The material isn’t very good on the skin either. The entire thing is just not meant for humans.

Do they provide protection?

Barely any. I didn’t have any accident to find out how good the gloves are, but I wouldn’t want to either. This glove is made cheap, what else do you expect for 400 bucks? It might be able to help you out if you fell off your bike while putting it on the center stand, otherwise I wouldn’t trust it with my life. There isn’t any protection on the wrists whatsoever, with just little pieces of rubber on the fingers.

Are they all-weather?

Not at all. They aren’t waterproof, and are completely useless in winter. A friend of mine wore them in Ladakh and his fingers were close to frostbite. Every few kilometers he would get off the bike and literally grab the burning hot engine, just to get some sensation in his hand. They aren’t too good in summer either, because of poor ventilation. They are no-weather gloves.

Probiker riding gloves review: Verdict

I have seen so many people who had broken fingers and wrists just because they didn’t buy a good glove. These cheap Probiker gloves are good for nothing. Buy something with wrist, knuckle, finger and palm protection, something that will hold up when you need it to. IF you are looking for something to take to Ladakh, check out our review of the DSG Acqua gloves.

RiderZone hates Probiker riding gloves and suggests you do the same. 

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