On the Royal Enfield 650 cruiser



RE have got their shit together, haven’t they?

I really like the 650 Interceptor, I am ready to buy a used one right now. That hasn’t happened though because silly owners in Punjab are asking for some ridiculous prices for their old machines. Considering that the GST on motorcycles could potentially go down in a month or so, it’s even harder to take them seriously.

If you’re reading this, and you’ve got a PB registered Interceptor or even a GT that you want to get rid of, I’m your boi.

A few years ago the idea that I would buy a big fat Royal Enfield could only have occurred if I’d accidentally drilled a 2 inch hole in my brain, I mean this entire site is more or less built on RE bashing. But now, it somehow makes perfect sense. I don’t even like bikes like the Bonnie, but the Interceptor feels just right, a gorgeous engine/gearbox combo that sounds good, and has enough things wrong with it that I can spend time and money incompetently wrenching away.

Maybe I’m going senile, my choices right now are either the Interceptor, an Xpulse, or a CBR650R. Only a comparo from Rushlane can help with this critical decision.

There’s been some photos going around of a 650 cruiser based on the same engine, and I think RE have got that product spot on as well. This is the right time to launch it, with Harley bleeding through its nose. The bike itself looks quite good, and hopefully those USD forks will make it to the twins as well.

If Harley doesn’t exit India though, I still don’t think the 650 cruiser will eat too much into Harley’s market share. Sure the American fatmobile was supposed to launch a smaller cc bike, something under the 500 range I think, and that project is pretty well fucked now, but a 3 something lac Royal Enfield cruiser is not a competition for Harley’s target audience of 10 something lac cruisers.

Harley Davidson is less of a motorcycle and more of a dick extension, people who buy it buy it for the prestige of the brand, the loud noise, and the bragging rights that come with being a HOG, apparently. A cheap RE will just be what the cheap Street 750 always was, something to look down on.

I’m happy for RE, they’re finally performing to their real potential, and I can’t wait to give them my money.

Photo source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY1kTEZaPJM

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