MotoGP Championship 2016: Place your bets here!



3 days more, and the action begins! This season promises to be one of the greatest, ever. There’s the perfect mixture of young talent and old guts, the new variables of tires and electronics, and the same old rivalries that have festered over the last few years.

It doesn’t get much better.

Vote here for the guy you think will win the MotoGP Championship 2016. When it’s all said and done in a few months, we’ll revisit this post and see how wrong we were.

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Although the season opening circuit of Losail has seen some rain in the past few days, things will hopefully get better. Qatar is a night race, there’s no riding in rain there. It’ll be pretty fucked up if the first race of the season gets cancelled.

Rossi’s latest statement after the press conference seems to point that all is not well in the paddock. See if you notice what he’s trying to say in there:

“But I hope that everything is fine. I hope that there is respect on the track. I hope that everyone races only for themselves.”


This year hopefully Lorenzo will not be able to pull away from the start and do those mundanely boring races that he’s so fond of. The test times show that he’s still probably the fastest out there, but no test can simulate an actual race, when those red lights go out, it’s a different dimension all together.

I’ll be closely following the events, and writing about them too, but if you are looking for the best, the most dedicated reporting on MotoGP, follow David Emmett’s journalism is beyond brilliant, and his style simple.

Also, the Two Enthusiasts podcast is always an interesting listen. It’s basically a bunch of experienced racing commentators getting together and talking about the races. Below are the few tracks that are already there, and more will be added as the season progresses.

If you are too lazy like me and want to have just one place for all your motorcycling action, follow Asphalt&Rubber. That website is, by far, the best place for a biker on the entire internet. If you know of something better, tell me.


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