MotoGP Austin race results: Are tires getting too much importance?



Strangely, the Moto3 race at Texas was very much like F1, 2 guys at the front fighting with each other, while the rest picked up the pieces out back. Moto2 was slightly better, but the theme of 2 dudes hanging out kilometres away from others stayed. Then came MotoGP, and all hell broke loose.

First Rossi crashed out, then a million other riders, and at one point it felt like this was more of an elimination round than a race, like there was some guy standing at turn 1 with a shotgun and randomly firing at people he didn’t like. Shit got really real when Dani crashed out and took Dovi with him. Tires had created trouble since Friday. Tires had created trouble since the season began. Are tires getting too much importance?

I don’t really understand this type of racing where conserving your tires is more important than making that move on your opponent. I guess the reason for this approach is to keep the riders relatively bunched up, otherwise the fastest ones will just fly away to the finish. But then again, that’s what’s happening right now.

Then there’s the problem with the youngest generation of racers, they are just too damn intelligent. The reason why people like Nascar is because of the public display of stupidity that’s that entire event. People want to see unexpected things, people want to see unlikely heroes, people want action.

Take Binder for example, he’s completely changed the way you see a Moto3 race now. It used to be 357 riders all ready to slit each other’s throat at the last corner to get across that finish line first. Now Binder just sits and waits and quietly gathers points. European riders are especially smart, the only fun you ever find is because of Asians. Pawi, Norrodin, Nakagami.

I guess this is the reason why I don’t like Lorenzo, he belongs to this breed of overthinking racers that have the ability to hold themselves back, never get into a fight, and still win the championship. Rossi is the only one out front who still gets some action, and so does Marquez.

I miss Simoncelli even more now.

MotoGP is still far interesting than any four-wheeled sport, but I don’t like the direction they are heading in. Many people consider it a sheer waste of time on money, what’s the fun in watching a bunch of cunts doing the same thing lap after lap? People like me understand, but for others the justification always has been that MotoGP develops technology that then trickles down to road bikes. But then the trickling down can only happen if they are moving forwards.

If their tire tech is gonna trickle down to superbikes, it might make more sense to douse yourself in petrol, light yourself on fire, and then jump into a car crusher.

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  1. Dhawal

    Dont take me wrong, but sometimes your take on MotoGP/ Motorsport is just as uninteresting as finding a piece of clove in your biryani.

    1. AK

      I know man, I think it’ll take me a while to get good at this, but in the meantime the terrible stuff has to keep coming.

  2. Rahul P

    Tyres are the only contact with tarmac, you bet your ass they’re important. And it’s a shock that the Bridgestones are better than the Michelins – since everyone outside MotoGP says Michelins are way better than bridgies. It’s not like Michelin has no MotoGP experience, but they seem to have not kept pace, or fired the people who had MotoGP tyre design experience. It also brings out rider skills – some can manage a sliding,swaying bike, some can’t. At 150km/h+ , that must be scary.

    Now the part that I can’t fathom, for all the money spent, why can’t they design tyres that will last the race ? Why force riders to “manage” tyres ? Often we have riders on soft slicks ride like lightning at first, and then fall behind or crash towards the last few laps because the damn tyres wore out. In like 120km of running. Surely, control tyres can be designed with a bit more life, else limit the compounds to medium and hard.

    1. AK

      Exactly my point, I don’t understand this tire management thing much.