Mercedes SL63 AMG vs Yamaha R1, 300kmph madness!



This is one of those videos that should have a “Don’t try this at home” disclaimers at the beginning. On the outset, we would like to clarify that both of these people are morons of the worst kind. They are on a public road, that too just a 2 lane one with no divider! Their idea of a day well spent is chasing each other in excess of 300kmph. Take a look for yourself, a Mercedes SL63 AMG vs Yamaha R1 battle!


The biker looks like he is looking for a race, with a camera setup near his crotch. As soon as he sees the AMG in the distance, he guns for it. BUT WAIT! The Merc driver is ALSO looking to race and floors the pedal when he sees the R1 approaching in his rear view mirror. That is some coincidence.

You must understand that in their stock form, both of these vehicles are electronically limited to 250kmph. As you can see from the video, both of these vehicles are unrestricted, at least the AMG for sure. The R1 looks limited to 299kmph. We have no idea why someone would need to go past 250kmph on a public road.

The biker tries his best to catch up with the Merc, but the white beauty is doing well over 320kmph and stays quite a distance away. It almost looks like the Merc is playing with the R1, letting it come near and then opening up a huge gap. There are quite a few instances when an accident looks imminent, but God seemed to be on their side.

Moral of the story: You can buy superbikes and supercars, but you can’t buy brains. 

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