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Mahindra Mojo set be re-re-re-launched, again?

Mahindra MojoMahindra Mojo has to be the world’s unluckiest bike. When it was first conceptualized, everyone wanted a piece of it, it was one a kind offering. But then Mahindra  engineers took it back  to a cold, dark corner, raped it incessantly, and then locked up it in a dungeon.

But then something weird happened, the market for 250+cc bikes started booming. If Mahindra had launched the Mojo first, they would have made a butt load of money. So someone in higher management molested some engineers at Mahindra, and the Mojo was bought back from the grave. 

Mahindra cafe racerThe reanimation didn’t last long, the re-launch failed miserably. So some new engineers again took turns raping the Mojo and sent it back to prison. By this time most people had seen that Mahindra Mojo was a bike with potential, so they started asking its whereabouts. The molesters at Mahindra got weary, and unlocked the unlucky son of a bitch, to be displayed at this year’s Auto Expo.

Now, the Mahindra Mojo is slated to be re-re-re-launched in June 2014.

Mahindra scramblerIf you look at the Mojo’s headlights, deep down there, somewhere you will find all of its pain locked away. There’s an eerie sadness in the design, even the name sounds down-trodden. This is the story of the decadence of a potential winner to a sore-ass loser.

Even now, after millions of years of rape and “improvement”, the bike only makes 28 horses from a 300cc engine. Really Mahindra? Here people like Hero are pulling out 35 horses from a 250cc engine’s hat, and all you can manage are 28? Not expected from a company that says it participates in motorsports at the highest level.

Enough, talking about the Mojo makes me sad.

Mahindra also displayed a scrambler and a cafe racer at the expo. But who is the father of both these concepts? Guess? The Mahindra Centuro. Mahindra is purposely doing these things to rile me up, I swear.

Go home Mahindra, you are drunk.

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  1. Akhil, by far this post was hillarious. I just love your writings guy. You are way too cooooool! Where the heck do you find time to do this? Cheers to good times!

  2. Think the same’s gonna happen to the R25…by the time Yamaha decide to launch it, comsumers will be looking for larger displacement bikes

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