Mahindra excited to partner new failing company




With rumors flying around of troubled Harley Davidson looking to exit India, the latest speculations suggest that they may decide to partner with some existing Indian manufacturer instead of leaving the market.

Hero and Mahindra are some of the most prominent names to figure in the list, so we decided to reach out to Mr. Anand Mahindra to get his take on this situation:

This is quite exciting for us, as you may understand. I’ve actually read some of RZ’s articles, about the Mojo BS6 for example, and you clearly have a good grasp of our corporate strategy.

Let me be frank with you here, when I see a company that’s posting millions of dollars in losses each quarter, when I see a dead brand that’s been largely forgotten by most humans, when I see an organization that’s bound to be bankrupt sooner or later, the boner I get is indescribable, it’s massive I tell you, 100% total engorgement, you could hammer a bloody nail with it.

As you may have noticed, I clearly have too much money. I try to give it away to poor people and stuff, but that gets boring after a while. There’s simply no comparison to the feeling of investing that money in a failing corporation, watch it go “poof”, and know in your heart that you’ve destroyed another lovable financial entity forever and ever.

That’s what I did to Kinetic, that’s what I’m trying desperately to do with Jawa, and hopefully that’s what I’ll get a chance to do with Harley Davidson, fingers crossed!

We also reached out to Mr. Pawan Munjal for a word from him on these scoops:

We are clearly the best company Harley should partner with, we have a huge amount of experience with large capacity motorcycles. Look at the HX250 and the Hastur, they are not imaginary motorcycles at all but totally real machines that we made and sold in very large numbers.

We’ve reached out to the Indian HOG community already, and explained to them that if Harley partners with us, they could potentially get the chance to buy an HF Roadking, or a Super Fatbob. They’ve demanded we rename some of the bikes to better reflect their personal preferences, like a Night Rod Passion, or at least a Fat Boy Pleasure.

Hell we could even think of putting the new Karizma’s fairings on the CVO, make it look slightly less ugly than it does now. Hopefully the pressure from these Harley owners will push the company in our direction and help seal this deal.

We at RZ wish good luck to the iconic American fatmobile, and hope to see them pathetically degraded with Mahindra or Hero in the near future.

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