KTM RC series bikes to get projectors and DRLs!



KTM RC seriesKTM has taken the Indian bike scene by the neck and shown us things we never even imagined. The party started with the Duke 200, is being taken to a whole new level by the Duke 390 and now will be continued by the KTM RC series bikes. The RC125, 200 and 390 were displayed at the EICMA Motorcycle Show and should be seen in our showrooms soon.

The bikes look great overall, barring the headlight setup, which is quite polarizing to say the least! People who love it just love it, people who hate it hate it like nothing else. A good bit of news we have heard is that the headlight contains twin projectors and day time running lights (DRLs), which should improve the situation a bit for the haters. 

Projectors have proven time and again to be much better at illuminating the road as compared to their bulb counterparts, no matter how high the wattage they are. It is good to see the faired version building up on an already awesome package that the Duke is. Plus the DRLs should make the whole package much more interesting.

As good as the throw of light might be, these bikes aren’t really meant for long tours, which is obvious from the aggressive seating posture and a puny fuel tank for carrying 10 liters of petrol. But then again the fairing will protect the rider against wind blast on those long and fast cruising sessions, so it’s kind of a mixed bag.

The bikes look great from every angle, performance, looks and price. But wait! The price hasn’t been announced yet, and although we don’t expect it to be too steep, it is definitely going to be costlier than the Duke brothers. All we can hope for is these beauties arriving quick and cheap!

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