KTM motorcycle gloves review: Fake but cool!



When I wanted to move forward from the disgustingly shitty Probiker gloves, I wanted to get a pair for street usage strictly under 2000 bucks. I had just picked up a Duke 390, so obviously wanted something in orange, especially after I got my claws on an orange SOL Metal Man helmet. Went to Babloo Motors, Vashi, and picked up a pair of what look like original KTM Racetech 12 gloves. 

Since they cost only 1600 odd bucks, I’m quite certain these are not genuine, considering KTM’s exorbitantly high price for ANYTHING but their bikes. They do seem to widely available, and are a rather good buy for city and street usage, so I thought what the hell, let’s review them and hopefully some cheap son of a bitch somewhere will benefit sometime. I’ve used them for more than 10,000 kms now by the way, with almost daily office usage and some other short rides too.

KTM motorcycle gloves review: Comfort 

Comfort was my biggest problem with the Probiker gloves, and this is an area where these fake KTM Racetech 12 gloves do quite well. They don’t dig into the knuckles, nor do they create any problems on the palm or the fingers. They are very easy to put on and take off, rather too easy to point that I’m not sure if they’ll stay there in case of a fall!

The best part is that you can use your smartphone while wearing these gloves, although be prepared for a lot of mistakes and retries. You can also easily operate your double D helmet straps or goggles while wearing these. Almost all routine stuff can be done without removing these gloves, except jacking-off, which is best enjoyed with bare hands.

They are well ventilated gloves, with mesh panels all over the place, so usage in summer is not a problem at all. As expected, they do not provide ANY protection against cold or rain. One thing to note would be that because of their short length, high speed riding may open a gap between the glove and your jacket, which on long rides will mean a visible tan ring around your wrist. Overall, they are pretty comfy gloves, but mostly meant for hot weather.

KTM motorcycle gloves review: Looks

NICE, that’s the word that comes to my mind. These gloves don’t look anything out of this world, but they don’t look ugly either. They used to look much nicer when new, but even after about 10,000 kms of usage, they don’t look too bad. These gloves are made of textile, so washing them is no brainer at all, just toss them into a washing machine and you are done.

The plastic wrist strap thingy looks cool, so do the faux carbon fiber knuckle protectors. There are KTM logos at all the right places, and some people might find it a tad flashy! All in all, these fake KTM Racetech 12 gloves are pleasant to the eye, without looking too bad or too good from any angle.

KTM motorcycle gloves review: Protection

These gloves are STRICTLY meant for low-speed, city/street riding, they DO NOT provide adequate protection for highway-speed falls at all. I’m not saying this from personal experience, but you can tell that quite frankly by just looking at them. Yes there are protectors on the fingers and the knuckles and the palm, but they are nothing too aircraft-grade that you can trust your skin and bones with.

Like I said before, these gloves come off too easily, so always make sure the wrist strap is secured as tight as possible. In the case of a crash, they will provide very little impact protection, but some abrasion resistance. Don’t trust them for any long rides, even a breakfast run. Use these only for daily office commutes or the occasional beer run.

KTM motorcycle gloves review: Verdict

The fake KTM motorcycle gloves available at your local riding gear store are not a bad buy at all, but don’t start abusing them with highway and high-speed usage. They are more or less perfect for city usage, although it is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst! I use them quite rarely nowadays, always depending on my Rynox Inferno full gauntlet gloves, but they are an exponentially better product than Probiker gloves for sure.

Other competitors against this glove would be the Rynox Rampage at about the same price, or maybe the DSG Motomesh for slightly lesser moolah. As I always say, go to some shops around you, try out the different brands, and then buy what feels most comfy. As for me, I’m sticking to my Rynox gloves for now! These KTM Racetech 12 gloves are available at Aliexpress, although shipping may take about a month.

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  1. Rahul

    I happened to buy these gloves for 2100 rs. online! Nevertheless used it for 2 weeks and found them easy for daily riding. They looked good to go but I lost one of the gloves lol. Now buying cramster. But yes these gloves are not original at all as claimed oin many website

    1. AK

      They are not Rahul. I would suggest go for full gauntlet ones from DSG/Rynox/A*, they are kick ass. Haven’t used Cramster, so can’t comment.