KTM Duke 390 to get the ultimate upgrade! Stability Control from Bosch.



We all know KTM Duke 390 is already a crazy awesome bike. Standard ABS, 44bhp, 170kmph top speed and a cost of 2lac rupees. How can it get any better? Oh but it can.

KTM Duke 390 stability controlWell known engineering solutions company Bosch has launched Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) in the latest 1190 Adventure and Adventure R. The MSC system helps the biker in every possible situation, straight line acceleration, cornering or braking. It is the next big step in braking technology! It takes into account all the relevant data: speed, angle, brake pressure, acceleration and lots more, and comes out with outputs that keep both your tires on the ground. Imagine how easy it would be to take a corner when you are certain the rear won’t flip out of control! 

The system costs 800 pounds and can be retrofitted on old 1190s as well. Combined with ABS and Traction Control, it will make riding safety iron clad!

The best part is yet to come! KTM Duke 125 is going to get the MSC for an additional 400 pounds! This implies that there will be plans to add it to the big brothers as well, the Duke 200 and 390. Since the entire thing can be retrofitted with ease, you can expect it as an option on your KTM very soon.

If this technology trickles down to the Duke 390, it will become an absolutely invincible bike. It already has ABS, add to that the stability control system. The price tag would grow by around 50,000 rupees, but the safety level will grow exponentially! Can’t wait for it to be introduced in India.

Image source: MotorBeam.com

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