KTM Duke 390 in black color!



KTM Duke 390I know I sound too excited, definitely too excited for just a new shade in a bike that I already own. But you have to understand that Duke 390 was available in only one color option since it was introduced in India. Yes it looked stunning and still does, but choice is always good.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of the new color scheme. The white on the Duke 390 seemed to bring out the orange all around it. Now with the all black scheme, the orange feels suppressed. That’s like a Ferrari with a submissive shade of red, or a Lambo that doesn’t feel yellow enough.

Duke 390 reviewOf course the new color will be much easier to maintain. My Duke always looks like I took it for a mud bath with some naughty elephants. Also, the new color should bring down some unwanted attention from the bike, something that makes the whole Duke owning experience quite frightful. Wherever you go, the bike is an instant eye catcher. I think the new color will blend in with the crowd a little bit more.

KTM Duke 390 is one hell of a machine, I have ridden it more than 1000kms in a single day, twice, I have taken it to 173kmph, and I am in love with it. Even with the recent price increase, the bike is still stunning value for money. If you are looking to buy a new one, I would suggest you go for it quick, because rumors say that another price increase is in the pipeline, just before the RC390 is launched. If you are confused to go for the Duke or the Ninja 300, check out this comparo.

Ride safe, ride hard!

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