Ninja RR Mono 250cc revealed.



Ninja RR MonoThe Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono, till now rumored to be called the Ninja 250SL, has been unveiled in Indonesia. As OverDrive reports, The Ninja RR Mono boasts of the following features:

  1. 249cc, single cylinder engine
  2. Liquid cooled
  3. 28PS power @ 9700 RPM
  4. 22.6Nm torque @ 8200 RPM
  5. 6 speed transmission
  6. 151kg weight
  7. 153 kmph top speed
  8. 100/80 section front and 130/70 section rear tire, both 17 inches
  9. 263mm petal disc brake up front
  10. 193mm petal disc brake out back 

In the side profile, the Ninja RR Mono looks quite similar to the Ninja 300, although a bit less front heavy and a bit more skinny. The defining feature for the Ninja RR Mono would be the single pot headlight, as opposed to the dual bulbs on both the Ninja 300 and the now discontinued Ninja 250R.

Ninja 250SLNo price details have been announced as of now, but it is confirmed that the Ninja RR Mono will go on sale in Indonesia by March 2014. Will it ever see the dust of Indian roads? Can’t say. But if it does, the baby Ninja is going to face some tough competition.

Ninja RR Mono – competition

The Honda CBR250R has for long been a tourer’s delight in the 250cc department. Performance wise, I don’t expect there to be a big difference between the two, the same goes for the looks. But the biggest problem for the Kwacker would come in the form of its price. The CBR250R is manufactured locally, and still costs the same as a Duke 390, over 2 lacs.

Even if Kawasaki goes via the CKD route, Ninja RR Mono will again land up in the 1.5-2 lacs price segment, which is being contested by every bike manufacturer like their life depends on it. Needless to say, as much trouble it is going to be for the manufacturers, it will be another huge win for the bikers. Competition and choice are always good.

With the Bajaj Pulsar 400SS and 200SS also about to join the party, it looks like 2014 will be one of the best year for bikers in India. As far as the Ninja RR Mono is concerned, let’s wait and see if it hits up our shores anytime soon or not.

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  1. bal53

    “it looks like 2014 will be one of the best year for bikers in India”

    Exactly what I like to think !! But till now we’ve got nothing more than a few rumors and some spy-shots. Hope that in the second half we would be able to see atleast a few of them, if not all, in flesh.

    1. AK

      I hope so too man, till now it’s been all show and no go.