Kawasaki Ninja H2R unveiled: Mother of Batman!



300 horses.

Yes, you read that right, 300 galloping, Japanese green, get-out-of-my-fucking-way horses. That’s the amount of power the just unveiled Kawasaki Ninja H2R makes. To bring things into perspective, even the best MotoGP bikes don’t make more than 250 HP. The closest a motorcycle comes to this power figure is the MTT Turbine Superbike, which uses a frigging helicopter engine! I’ll let that sink in for now. 

Sadly (or thankfully), the Kawasaki Ninja H2R will not be road legal, it is meant to be only raced on proper tracks, which is sensible! People have trouble handling 100 horses, crashing willy-nilly all over the pavement, so a 300 HP road machine would most likely be used for very expensive suicides only. The road legal version of H2R, called the H2, will be launched at EICMA in November. The H2 will definitely have lesser power than the R version, but then nobody can stop you from tuning the shit out of your H2 and make it even better than the H2R!

To give you an idea as to what the Kawasaki guys were thinking while designing this monster, here is an excerpt from Kawasaki’s press release about the H2R:

When Kawasaki first conceived the Ninja H2R, the driving development concept was to offer the kind of acceleration no rider had experienced before. That a motorcycle be “Fun to Ride” is one of Kawasaki’s guiding principles.  But while there are many ways for a motorcycle to be enjoyed, it was felt that having incredible acceleration was a major factor in delivering ultimate riding exhilaration.

Anyways, here are some specs that’ll tell you how crazy things are with this new stonker of a machine, which is truly Built Beyond Belief.

  • 998 cc engine
  • Inline four configuration
  • Liquid cooled
  • Motorcycle specific scroll type supercharger
  • Roughly 300 PS of power (296 HP)
  • 120/60 R17 front tire
  • 190/65 R17 rear tire
  • Bridgestone V01 slick rubber
  • Carbon fiber wings to aid stability
  • Single sided swingarm
  • Steel trellis frame

As you can see, Kawasaki has gone all out in making sure that the H2R looks like a product of alien origin, and goes like one too. Carbon fiber has been extensively used all over the bike to make sure it weighs as less as possible, while aiding in aerodynamic efficiency as well. The fairing helps to maximise cooling by improving heat dissipation and has mirrored-finished black chrome paint. I personally love that green frame!

As far as looks go, I don’t think I’ve seen anything as bonkers as this before. Everything is edgy, everything looks built for a purpose. That seat has a lotta padding at the rear, most likely to make sure the rider doesn’t fly away, thanks to the insane acceleration and top whack that is expected. I think we finally have a Lamborghini Aventador equivalent in the motorcycle department!

Would I ever buy this death machine? Hell yes, even if to just spend 1 night with it! I’d get it on 100% loan, get myself insured, and then ride and die on it. Family gets the money, I die with a smile on my face + jizz in my pants, win-win situation for everyone (except the bank providing the loan and insurance company of course).

It looks like we’ve witnessed the start of a war, a war for dominance in the motorcycle industry. Kawasaki Ninja H2R has done something incredible, something that I’ve never seen before, and now the ball is in Suzuki’s court. And the makers of Hayabusa are not someone who shy away from competition! Good times are coming folks, so start saving!

Check out VisorDown’s detailed report for more info. Click here for the official video release of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R.

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