Honda One Make race concludes at Chennai!



Motorcycle racing in India is at a nascent stage right now. Very few and scattered events are available, with little or no media coverage, and no glitter and glam that some other sports enjoy. Hopefully the Honda One Make race and other such events will bring some change! I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a MotoGP world champion from India in the next 10 years. 

Honda One Make race has been an initiative by the Japanese automotive giant since 2008, to promote 2 wheeler racing in India. This year’s race was divided over the 3 racing tracks available in India:

  • The Buddh International Circuit, Noida
  • Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore
  • MMRT, Chennai

The event was divided into 2 categories, based on experience and age group:

  • Novice Category – CBR150R bike – 23 years max. age limit
  • Open Category – CBR250R bike

With minimum age of participation set at 13 years, it was an awesome opportunity for young Rossi fans to test their depth. An FMSCI Competition License is a must to participate in all racing/rally events in India, and the Honda One Make race was no exception. Full riding gear, with helmet, suit, boots and gloves was mandatory.

Sumit Loucs Toppo of Prolap Racing clinched the championship to win a CBR150R, with just a 5 point lead over Sarath Kumar of Ten10 racing who won a 20,000 rupee cash prize. A. Prabhu of Motorev India clinched the third spot, and got 10,000 rupee cash prize. Ten10 racing won the team championship cup trophy, taking home a brand new CBR250R.

In the Novice Category Naresh Babu won the championship, followd by R Rajanikanth and E. Sarvannan. The final race in the novice category was won by newcomer Ami Van Poederooijen, with Vivian David taking second spot, and Shoban Bapu taking third.

Riders from the Honda One Make race get to participate in the Asia Dream Cup, where the competition is provided by some of the best riding talent in Asia. There should definitely be more of such events in India, especially now after the introduction of the track-focused KTM RC390/RC200. We could definitely use a race track somewhere in the west and the east region too!

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