Honda CX-01: Exactly what Indian market needs.



Honda CX-01Recently showcased at the Auto Expo, the Honda CX-01 is a stubby looking machine, with a few tricks up its sleeve. The extra-long upside-down suspension travel upfront and the ground clearance enough to pass over a dead human should give you some hint already. Coupled with other Honda bikes showcased, this was an awesome show by the Japanese giant.

The Honda CX-01 has been marketed as an on/off roader, with capabilities in both departments that will leave you with a big smile on that dusty, mud covered face. No specifications have been announced as of yet, but I really hope this bike is over 200 cc, which will give it enough grunt both on and off the tarmac. 

We already have a machine that boasts of this capability, the Hero Impulse. It is the only Indian made bike even remotely capable of proper off-roading. The problem with Hero Impulse is, it is just a 150 cc machine. I think the lack of power has been the main reason for its demise.

But if Honda can push the CX-01 with anything over 25 horses, they will have a winner. The bike already looks quite snazzy, with an elaborate arrangement of projector and LEDs on the front, and generally lean looks.

The seat looks different, so does the exhaust. The chiseled looks give a unique character to the CX-01, so does the tiny front wheel and the big rear one. I expect the rear monoshock to be adjustable as well. The Honda CX-01 will most likely be a single cylinder beast, but if we have learned anything from the Duke 390, it’s that the number of cylinders doesn’t matter much.

Disc brakes can be seen both at front and rear, which is good news. The instrument cluster looks very futuristic too, if a bit small. The tires look very asphalt loving, and should be great pain on gravel. That being said, this is just a concept, who knows what we might see in production, if at all?

Ted Simon, the 82 yr old biker who has traveled the world on a motorcycle many times, recently came to India for the India Bike Week. One of his observations that I remember is: “India is the only country where you can off-road on asphalt”. And it is true! Our roads quite quickly and unexpectedly convert to no roads, in a matter of seconds. Huge potholes, loose sand and open manholes are a common sight. A bike like the Honda CX-01 can help the rider traverse the entire country without once setting foot on the road. Even riders outside India are optimistic, so am I.

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