Honda CBR650F, RC213V, Goldwing, PCX 125 and CBR500R to be displayed at Auto Expo!



Marc MarquezIn our last post, we talked about the tasty possibility of Honda launching the half-liter CBR500R goodness in India soon. Now Honda has officially communicated the list of 2 wheelers that will be displayed at the Auto Expo this Feb. Here it is:

  1. Honda RC213V
  2. Honda Goldwing
  3. CBR 650F
  4. CBR500R
  5. PCX 125
  6. New Design Concept Model
  7. All-New Scooter

Honda GoldwingThe regular Unicorns and Twisters will be there of course, which no one will notice. The star attraction would the Honda RC213V for sure, which was the bike ridden by Marc Marquez to become the youngest MotoGP champion in 2013. 

The legendary touring mammoth, Honda Goldwing, will also grace the occasion. Honda Goldwing is the first bike to come with airbags and wait for it, a REVERSE gear! The 1832cc six-cylinder boxer engine pulls with the power of 118 horses and a humongous torque figure of 170Nm. The bike weighs as much as an adult rhinoceros, but who cares!

Honda CBR650FAnother bike that performance enthusiasts will look forward to, apart from the CBR500R, would be the CBR650F. Powered by an inline-four engine belting out 87 horses and 63Nm of torque, the Honda CBR650F is definitely going to give tough competition to the Ninja 650, which will make the lives of Kawasaki people worse for sure. The CBR650F should cost somewhere around 7 lacs, being a 4-cylinder bike, so yeah, it won’t be that cheap either.

PCX 125 is a scooter, which comes with some nice features that I don’t care about since I don’t give a rat’s paraplegic ass for scooters. There will also be an ATV in the outdoor area, although I doubt anyone will let you take a ride on your own. So book your tickets and head over to the fog filled, cold as a freezer city of Noida and join the festival they call the Auto Expo!

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  1. Ravi Singh

    CBR650f will not dent on N650r since it will be approx 2 lacs costlier than the later and generates less power. Z800 is also available at near same price range which has higher power rating plus has good looks but only lacks on fairing.

    1. AK

      Yeah, nothing is known as of now Ravi, but yes, the Z800 will be a in a completely different class when (if) the 650F comes.