Hero HX250R, RNT, Leap, Dash, Xtreme sport: Complete report



We just talked about the crazy awesome Hero HX250R that was unveiled at the Hero press conference. It is THE biggest news of this week, and looks like this bike will be the Duke 390 of 2014, changing our motorcycle market for the best. Hero also launched a host of other 2 wheelers, so let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Hero RNT

Hero RNTThis one, although looks like a cross between a Ladybird cycle and Bajaj M80, is one special machine. The Hero RNT is powered by 150cc DIESEL motor, which will come with an optional TURBO CHARGER. Yes you read that right. Imagine the fuel economy! Imagine the pull!

The 150cc liquid cooled engine produces 13.5PS of power and a mind-boggling 35Nm of torque, which can be used up from just 1600RPM. It also appears that the power is delivered to BOTH WHEELS, which would make it an off-roading king. Also adding to the riding fun is the constant mesh transmission, which would do away with the hassle of gear changes. The top speed is just 70kmph though, so don’t expect to go to Ladakh on this one. The good news, however, is that it will take barely 7 seconds to reach this top speed. The headlamp is detachable and can be used as a torch on your mountain expeditions.

You can also choose to add an optional generator, which can be used to generate electricity for your camping missions. There is a hub electric motor option upfront, which provides the two-wheel drive. There would also be the option to turn the rear wheel drive off completely, for that green, environment loving ride. There is plenty of space available all over, including places to hang stuff. So it should be a huge hit with our Doodhwalas. 

The front tire is 120 section, while the rear one is 150, so grip shouldn’t be a problem at all. The Hero RNT weighs in at 136kgs only, and has a rather small fuel tank of 6 liters only. Disc brakes do the stopping duties, with a 300mm one upfront and 220mm at back. All in all, this is one ugly, but awesome thing!

Hero Leap

Hero LeapHero Leap is a hybrid scooter, that looks like some piece of alien technology dropped from the sky. It contains an 8Kw electric motor, which combined with the 124cc fuel injected engine should make it quite sprightly on the roads. Top speed is claimed to be 100kmph, and torque figure is 6Nm, but available right from the word go.

The best thing about the Hero Leap has to be the maintenance free belt drive that transfers power to the rear wheel. It is expected to last the lifetime of the vehicle, without requiring any adjustment at all. Lovely! The 240mm disc upfront also provides regenerative braking, charging up the battery and increasing range. The rear brake is simple drum type.

The fuel tank is just 3 liters, which should severely limit the range of this thing. The weight is also on the higher side at 140kgs. Overall, the Hero Leap looks quite nice with projectors and bar-end mounted mirrors.

Hero Dash

Hero DashHero Dash is one of the “normal” 2 wheelers displayed by Hero today. It is powered by a 111cc petrol engine, which makes enough power and torque to take on any opponent in the field, at 8.5PS and 9.4Nm. It weighs in at a very light 110kgs, so should be quite easy to maneuver by ladies and teenage girls. The fuel tank can take 6 liters of gas, with a usable 1.8 liters going to reserve.

The good points about the Hero Dash would be:

  1. Light weight
  2. External fuel cap, making refueling easy
  3. Service Due indicator
  4. Side Stand Down indicator
  5. Mobile charging socket
  6. Under seat storage with light
  7. Tubeless tires

Another good-looking scooty for our good-looking ladies.

Hero Xtreme Sports

Hero Xtreme SportsHero Xtreme Sports is nothing but another version of Xtreme with more power. The 150cc mill dishes out 15.2 horses now (1 more than current Xtreme) and 12.8 Nm of torque. The headlight area has received some minor changes, and the rear tire is now wider.

It might get an optional rear disc as well. The Hero Xtreme Sports weighs 1kg lesser than the current Xtreme, which should make it a bit quicker, but should affect the mileage as well.

Hero surprised everyone with their innovative, beautiful and outright brilliant products on display today. I hope this trend is followed by other manufacturers as well! We could use a lot of it, especially after the brutality we had to face till a few years ago. Fingers crossed.

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