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Hero Hastur 600 under development, awesome!

Hero has gone crazy, actually totally bat-shit-crazy. When they launched the HX250R, everyone thought Hero had done enough to cover for their biggest sin – making the Karizma uglier over the years. But Hero isn’t done, no sir. News from Economic Times is that Hero Hastur, a 600c naked monster, is under development from quite a while, and will be showcased at the Auto Expo. Sweet!

Hero recently unveiled some really awesome stuff, the HX250R 250cc beauty, a 150cc diesel hybrid, and a pure electric scooter. But the Hastur, this is the something else. If you go by the rendering, it looks like a crude copy of the recently launched Kawasaki Z800. The yellow bleeding through every possible nook and cranny looks a bit over to me, but then again this is just an image, not the real thing.

Hero hasturHero enjoyed galactic supremacy in the Indian biking scene from quite a while. Their collaboration with Honda bought us iconic bikes like Karizma and CBZ. Now that Hero and Honda have parted ways, both are coming up with amazing stuff to every biker’s delight. 

Going by the picture, the bike looks like a twin cylinder parallel setup, with 2-to-1 underbelly exhaust to keep the center of gravity low. As seems to be trend nowadays, pillion comfort has literally taken the back seat. Dual discs upfront and singe at back should provide ample braking power, which combined with the almost certain ABS tech should make it a really safe bet. Tires look grippy and wide, so corners should bring huge smiles to you.

The bike looks “export quality”, the way it is designed. But now that our market is mature enough to accept something like the Hero Hastur, it is quite possible we will see this one our roads soon. Hero’s collaboration with Eric Buell Racing is turning out to be quite productive!

Hero Hastur’s power is expected to be around 70 horses, with 60Nm of torque to pull the weight around. The bike will not be light for sure, expect anything over 180kgs. As far as price goes, my guess would be something around 4.7lacs on road. This will really give some stiff competition to the Ninja 650 and Hyosung GT650N. Let’s hope we see the real thing soon!

11 thoughts on “Hero Hastur 600 under development, awesome!”

  1. Well, Well, Well … Looks like the Indian Biker has come of age finally and the manufacturers understand it and taken a cue LOL

  2. 180 kg is not light enough for a 620 cc parallel twin that belts out almost 80 ps?

    Shall I remind you that the z800 you were saying to be copied from is 229 kgs.

    A brutale or stripe will be 180 kgs.

    So it’s better to say this hero is on the lighter side.

    Will you please tell me how is it similar to the z?

    1. Geez, don’t take it personally man, just a bike you know, that too a concept. I am a bit confused here, are you in love with the Hastur or the Z800? Which one am I insulting again?

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