More heart-shattering pics of new Karizma surface.



In our last post, we shared the sad demise of an iconic bike. Hero Karizma used to be THE ULTIMATE bike in India, and it held that place for a long time, before the Pulsars and Ninjas came into the picture. Now, that icon is being slowly torn apart, inch by inch, in a rather painful fashion.

Take a look at the rear of the “updated” Karizma ZMR for instance, what in God’s name is that? It’s either a heavily damaged bike, or the cameraman found some incredibly weird point of view.

                                New Karizma          New Karizma

What were the guys at Hero thinking? We don’t have the slightest clue. There are reports that Hero have taken cues from the Eric Buell racing’s EBR 1190S. You can see the comparison shots yourself in the article and have a good laugh with us. That is a lesson how NOT to take design ideas from another bike and then kill them with a baseball bat. 

Auto manufacturers always attempt to make their products leaner and razor sharp, Hero seem to find that strategy boring, so they attempted to make everything as fat and ugly as possible. That’s the general idea you get once you see the photographs.

The grab rails are too big, the tire is too thin, the exhaust is too boring, the shock absorbers are too mundane. It’s just an odd combination of everything that could go wrong with the original Karizma.

In the side view for instance, you can clearly see how disproportionate everything seems. Just look at that tire! Miles away from where it should be and the way it should look. People all over the web are going crazy, some are speculating that these photos are spoofed, since no one can believe such shoddy work and horrid looks on the new Karizma.

New KarizmaHero has also updated the Karizma R, again trying to fix something that isn’t broken in the first place. The new update looks incomplete! It’s like some important component on the bike is missing, but you can’t really put your finger on it. Unbelievable stuff! Look at the people in the picture, even they want to run away as far as possible from it!

We have no idea what Hero is doing, absolutely no inkling whatsoever. If this is a shock strategy, it is working very well. But if they are really serious about attempting to sell these haphazardly joined pieces of metal and plastic to the Indian biking community, they are in for a rude shock. Time have changed, we now have more choice than ever before, and that too at very affordable prices. The KTM Duke 390 is the first bigwig in this category, and it’s going to grow quickly.

Indian biking scene right now is going through the muscle car era of America. We are getting bigger and better bikes at lesser prices, and Honda is going to get left behind, far far behind.

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