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Harley Davidson Street 750 review: Impressed!

I’ve been waiting a long time for this review, always wanted to swing a leg over a Harley! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. This review is based on Akshay Lakhani’s recent test drive of the Harley Davidson Street 750, I am just putting his experience into words. Akshay and his brother rode 2 different Street 750s through Indore, I spoke to him about the experience, he shared some photographs with me and here I am with the Harley Street 750 review:

Harley Davidson Street 750 review: Looks

Harley Davidson Street 750 reviewFirst things first, when you are paying upwards of 4.5 lacs for a bike it better be prettier than Megan Fox, in an off-white bikini. The bike looks impressive, has a good road presence, and is an eye-grabber for sure. It may not have the humongous dimensions of other Harleys, but it carries itself with grace, and has a rich feel to it. 

Sporting a 100 section 17 inch rubber up front and 140 section 15 inch at back, the bike has that distinctly cruiser stance. The Dark Custom paint scheme looks gorgeous, especially to a chrome-hating guy like me. The 750cc V-twin engine looks fabulous from the side, and adds a lot of mean character to the machine.

On the other hand, the simple 2-to-1 exhaust looks rather bland, and could have benefited from some definition. The radiator at front looks completely hideous to me, just 1 big slab of black and grey. It does the job though, so I love it for that! A few wires stick out here and there, but for a guy who rides a Duke 390, this is no big deal at all. It kinda gives the bike a raw, manly feel.

Verdict: The Harley Davidson Street 750 is a good-looking machine that will make heads turn wherever you go. Just don’t expect it to have the presence of a Fat Boy or Heritage Soft Tail.

Harley Davidson Street 750 review: Performance

harley davidson street 750 reviewThe Street 750 may seem heavy at 218 kgs, but that is feather-light from a Harley standpoint. The power figure hasn’t been officially announced, but is expected to be around 50 PS. Torque is 60 Nm at 4000 RPM, and you can feel it! The bike is sprightly from the word go and power delivery is linear. It is a very comfortable machine to cruise around on.

We were able to hit a top speed of 135 kmph on the city roads of Indore, so breaching 150 kmph shouldn’t be a big deal. There are no vibrations at high-speed, which are considered the hallmark of Royal Enfield bikes. Everything is smooth and the ride is a pleasure to experience. The best part is that you can’t feel any heat from the engine, even at low-speed city riding.

On the down side, the bike isn’t loud at all. That characteristic Harley rumble is missing, and the Screaming Eagle exhaust would be a must-have accessory. Braking isn’t very confident, especially with ABS missing. In emergency situations, skidding out the bike would be rather easy. I understand that Harley had to cut some corners to bring the bike at this swashbuckling price, but safety isn’t really something I would like to be overlooked.

Verdict: Overall, the Harley Street 750 performs well on the road, just don’t expect it to have superbike like agility. Cruising around in comfort at speeds below 120 kmph would be a good idea.

Harley Davidson Street 750 review: Comfort

harley davidson street 750 reviewThis should be a no-brainer, and it is. The Street 750 is a very comfortable machine. The rider seat is huge, and will cradle your ass like the palm of a freakishly big serial rapist. The clutch lever is not heavy, and it is easy to maneuver the bike through traffic. The riding position is also quite laid back, with the foot-pegs and handlebars at perfect positions for some serious mile munching. The bike is well sprung, and takes on even big bumps without the slightest hiccup.

The rear seat is nothing to write home about, it is tiny and not very comfortable. You’ll have to shell out a huge amount of money to get the rear seat rest, and that trend continues for all other accessories as well. Expect a roaring wind blast at high speeds, unless you are ready to pay around 20,000 for just the wind shield.

Verdict: The Street 750 lives up to its heritage, it is a smooth, comfortable, laid back cruiser that will take you places. The rear seat could have been better for sure, and so could have the price for accessories.

Harley Davidson Street 750 review: Verdict

I am not a Harley fan, or a cruiser fan at that, but I would consider this bike to be a part of my stable for sure. The biggest advantage for me would be the belt drive, which will free me of the trouble of chains. I just hate chains, their lubing and tightening and their tantrums. Having said that, the 750 won’t be an easy machine to maintain, with service intervals every 5000 kms and general service charge around 6000 bucks.

I think the Street 750 will be India’s first budget tourer, till now all we have been doing is picking up street bikes and going crazy on them. The Street may change that for the better, with the mouth-watering price tag (less than 5 lacs on-road) and the strong Harley character. I for one, would love to own this black beauty and ride the whole India on it! What about you?

24 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Street 750 review: Impressed!”

    1. Hi All,
      I want to know the service schedule of HD street-750. I recently purchased HD street 750. After How much kilometer first service is needed.and what is the further schedule?
      kindly drop me a message @ suresh.nitk13@gmail.com

    1. Initial assessment says YES Ashu, 750 is a Harley anyway, so touring should be its strong point. It has enough ground clearance and suspension travel to comfortably go over our potholes and speed bumps. With the belt drive and 5000 km service interval, it will be a low maintenance machine.

  1. can u advise me the best bike in beetween the street 750 and hyosung aquilla 250,as i know the price is more of aquilla and i like this bike for look and other reason is i dont want to purchase honda or ninja or royal enfield etc.and other reason is street 500 is not available in market.
    what is ur suggestion about aquilla performance and any problems with this aquilla except price..
    plz suggest me….or if any other bike in market that i should see.

    1. Street 750 definitely, it’s much better value for money, has a much better service network, and Harley has an overall better reliability record against Hyosung. There are plenty of second-hand Street 750s in the market at very reasonable prices, do check’em out as well!

  2. I am planning to buy Street 750 around 3 months but as some forum reports i got to know that harley in Bangalore had charged 10k for a puncture. I am little worried about issues like these.
    And what are your experience about the service from Harley and its charges.

    1. Hey man, I don’t own a Harley so can’t tell you first hand experience, but 10k for a puncture sounds like a false story. Service centers don’t generally work in punctures 🙂

      Harley is a premium brand, so don’t expect spares and service to be as cheap as a KTM. However, it won’t be anything astronomical either, since they have an image to maintain.

  3. Hi Akhil,
    First of all…a decent review..thanks for that..
    I am thinking of upgrading my 8-year old pulsar 180 (is still serving well to my needs and a VFM over this period)..Always loved the super bikes and never really was fond of the ‘Potato-Potato’ sound (Bullet, TB et al.). Not much of a hooligan lover either so, Dukes are out of my list. I had done a TD of Street 750 last week and was taken over by its sheer power even in an evening traffic. The rear brakes didn’t inspire much confidence and was advised by the staff to use the front break most of the time to avoid skidding (lesser weight on the rear part am told). I did check out the Ninja 300 as well however, I am told no TD is available in any of the showrooms :(. My usage will predominantly be within city (includes office commuting) and occasional drives Chennai to Bangalore / Pondicherry. I do use my car as well for occasional commuting to office. I am not a person who changes his bike/car frequently. Hence, long term ease of maintenance and comfort is something I vouch for (hence, my gratification with my Honda City), apart from looks and performance. The Street 750 comes for an OTR price of Rs.4.97L in Chennai. I do like N300, however, the OTR price of Rs. 4.09L for a 300cc bike is kinda putting me off. Am not sure, if I would want to spend more and try for N650 instead. What will your suggestion be in this regard?

    Looking forward to your insight.


    1. Hey Shiva, first of all, the Ninjas and the Street are completely different bikes aimed for completely different riding styles. Ninja 300 is a brilliant machine, smooth and precise, but to get the full fun out of it you gotta be a track junkie. Ninja 650 is a tourer, and an excellent one at that. I also agree that Ninja 300 doesn’t justify the price, especially when you get can the ER-6n (naked Ninja 650) for about a lac more.

      If you are an easy going guy who doesn’t like speeding, go for the Street. Maintenance wise I don’t think you’ll have trouble with either Kawasaki or Harley, although be aware than both of them aren’t cheap to maintain due to high cost of parts. Harley has that community feeling with the HOGs, which you might miss with Kawasaki.

  4. Hi Brothers , I got Street 750 2016 model yesterday. In my experience, heat dissipation was quite high in traffics in bangalore. Brakes are much more reliable now. Overall experience is good but the hot air rushing out and hitting between thighs is something which can’t be ignored. My suggestion – don’t wear shorts and drive this in traffic.

    1. Hi Pragati

      I am thinking of upgrading to one as well. I was wondering about the heat dissipation and the braking. How good is the liquid cooling? How is it to live with?

      Did you install any accessories? I was thinking of the screaming eagle exhaust myself.

      Do you have any regular pillion riders? Did you need the back rest extra?

      I am guessing the braking might be better with the ABS on the 2017 model.

      Sorry for the incessant questions. I have been scouring the net for advice.

      1. Hi Rakesh,
        Though i read about ABS for new model in some website, still I didn’t find any info regarding same in HD official website. My suggestion : Better talk with showroom guys once.
        Pillion related query : I would personally suggest not to go for HD’s pillion backrest because there are better and cheaper options available. if you are from bangalore then look for Aeedea’s custom products for street 750 model. They have really good pillion rest and pillion seat options in their catalog. You can contact them through Facebook.
        Exhaust : I am planning for Vans & Hines exhausts. I didn’t like screaming eagle (personal opinion).

        Cooling : Yes, after 1st servicing, I am feeling much better now.

        1. First of all. Thanks for the inputs.

          I saw the ABS spec on the HD website. But I will take your advice and confirm with the showroom themselves.

          I am from Bangalore and will check Aeedea’s. Thanks for the suggestions. Read somewhere that installing after market add ons from somone other than HD themselves void warranty. Any truth to that?

          1. That’s true. Your warranty will void if you make any changes which damage chassis/engines or electricals. Aeedea’s items are mostly external and won’t deform any of existing HD’s parts anyway. Moreover they have mentioned most of these info in their catalog.

  5. Hello Akhil
    While surfing through net for biking stuff i stumbled on ur site. I read your articles and liked them for their sincerity.
    I have recently got my HD Street 750. I have a Bajaj Avenger also and have done many solo rides to himachal and uttarakhand. I dont have much technical knowledge so I wanted to ask you about which riding gears should i buy. Also i have put my hard earned money to buy street 750 so looking for economical options. Looks doesn’t matter, the safety is prior and also being little light on pocket.
    please guide me a little on this matter.

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