Harley Davidson Street 750 launched at 4.1 lacs!



Harley Davidson Street 750

Looks like Harley has kept its promise, to launch the Harley Davidson Street 750 below 5 lacs on-road. The good people at Motoroids report that Harley Davidson Street 750 has been launched at a price of 4.1 lacs ex-showroom Delhi. That would bring it to about 4.7 lacs on road for guys in Mumbai, which I can’t say is bad at all!

Harley Davidson Street 750 is a much-anticipated bike, the first made for India, made in India machine from the iconic US brand. The Street 750 is the first brand new product from Harley’s stable in over 14 years! Most people now must be thinking about the Harley Davidson Street 500, but you gotta wait another year or so for that folks. Right now, this is as affordable as a hog will get.  

Harley Davidson Street 750 features

  1. 750cc V-twin engine
  2. Liquid cooled
  3. 6 speed transmission
  4. Belt drive (much more reliable, much less maintenance)
  5. 7 spoke wheels
  6. 17 inch, 100 section at front, 15 inch 140 section rubber out back, both Michelin
  7. 218kgs weight (feather-light for a Harley)

The bike is expected to make 40 horses and 50Nm of torque, which won’t make it a power cruiser, but a mild-mannered tourer for sure. The cheapest Harley in history is still every bit true to the legacy, and you will not find any sign of flimsy materials or lacking craftsmanship.

Harley Davidson Street 750: Best feature

For me, the best feature about the Street 750 has to be way the V-twin looks, with that 2-to-1 exhaust going out and the bit of chrome highlights. It gives a very “Harley-ish” feel to the machine, something that I thought would be difficult for such a cheap bike.

Harley Davidson Street 750Harley Davidson Street 750: Worst feature

Don’t know about you, but the flat, slab like front radiator looks really out-of-place to me. I also feel that it will be quite easily damaged at the lower end, where pebbles are bound to hit on our broken roads. Looks a bit odd to me, that’s all.

All in all, the Street 750 is a welcome move by Harley, and a proud moment for all Indian bikers. Now we have so much clout that iconic brands from other countries are designing stuff just for us! Hope to see this beauty on the road soon, only then we will know how good it really is.

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