Feast your eyes and burn your soul, Harley Davidson 750.



It’s been quite a while since Harley Davidson announced their made-for-India bikes, the 500 and 750. Although they have brushed aside rumors of building 250 – 300cc little Harley babies, we don’t mind that much. All we want is to see the cheapest Harleys burning down our streets soon.

But then again the Harley Davidson 750 is confirmed to be there at the Auto Expo, but the 500 may or may not be. The smallest capacity Harley in India as of now is the Iron 883, which sets your back by around 7 lacs. Now 750 isn’t such a big drop from 883, so we don’t expect the prices of Harleys to rival the Dukes anytime soon. It is expected to hover around the 5 lac mark though. Whatever the price maybe, it will give an opportunity to enthusiasts like us to get a life-threatening loan and own our first Harley, which we don’t care about much. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? 

We love the Dark Custom feel of the Harley Davidson 750, makes it look sub-zero cool. You get to see a lot of design cues from the old XLCR Café Racer on the Street motorcycles. It runs on liquid-cooled V twin mill, which the company calls Revolution X engine. The good news is the super slick 6 speed gearbox, the best news is that it will have 2 inch more ground clearance and 2 inch more suspension travel than the Superlow, which will be a boon on our pothole and speed-breaker ridden roads.

Both the 500 and 750 have promised to make an appearance at the India Bike Week in January, which will give us more impressions about the looks and style before the official launch at Auto Expo in February. For the time being, drool over your keyboard with these saucy pics of the 750 black beauty.

Harley Davidson 750 Harley-Davidson-Street-750-500 Harley Street Production Shoot Harley-Street-500 Harley-Street-500-750-Pics-4 Harley-Street-500-750-Pics-5 Harley-Street-500-750-Pics-6 Harley-Street-500-750-Pics-7 Harley-Street-500-750-Pics-13

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