Fox bionic protection jacket review: Black piece of shit.



fox Bionic protection jacketRiding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous thing. It’s not like a car, it doesn’t balance itself. It’s not like anything out there! Add to that the morons driving around with licenses, apparently, and you have got an accident in the pipelines. Who knows, maybe that’s the reason we love it so much!

One of the ways we try to keep ourselves alive is by wearing protective gear, jackets, gloves, boots, pants, helmets. We have discussed quite a few varieties of all of these in the past, but this time let’s focus on one particular item. Most of you must have heard about the Fox bionic protection jacket, some of you might have used it too. I have used this jacket for quite a few rides, and here is my review. 

Fox bionic protection jacket review: Comfort

Extremely uncomfortable, this thing is just plain weird. A flimsy mesh holds all the protective parts together, and as expected, the whole thing is scarily shitty. Something is always pinching you somewhere, the back protector is too heavy, so it keeps pulling the front right into your throat. The wrists are too tight, the elbows too loose, this thing is just a joke.

Fox bionic protection jacket: Protection

None at all. On its face and in pictures you might think that it looks sturdy and even manly, but once you wear it, you will see the true picture. All the protectors are made of cheap plastic, held together with just that fragile mesh. How is this thing supposed to stay together when you crash? The elbow guards are the most interesting bit, they are free to rotate all over your arm! If you wear this thing on a ride, don’t expect to just roll over and stand on your feet after you have a fall.

Fox bionic protection jacket: Looks

This is a bionic jacket, which means you wear it over your vest. Naturally, you can’t just wear it and go out for a drive, so you put on a shirt on top. All in all, nobody can see you are wearing this thing, apart from the awkward bulge in your shoulders. So in the looks department, it does more damage than good.

Fox bionic protection jacket: Value for money

This jacket costs 1300 bucks. There is a 8000 rupee version as well which I haven’t tried. For 1500 rupees, you can buy a decent pair of elbow and knee guards, which in my opinion will fare you much better. So it is a big no no the value for money front as well.

Fox bionic protection jacket: Verdict

It is a black piece of shit! Nothing more than that. It provides no weather protection, no crash protection, and it won’t even make you look like a real biker. If you see this jacket in some shop somewhere, run as far away from it as fast as you can.

RiderZone hates this jacket and hopes that you will too. 

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    1. AK

      Hehe, thanks man! Hope no one buys this pathetic product.

  1. Paritosh

    Thanks man, you saved me from this ‘black piece of shit’ as you pointed out! will go for any DSG product…what’s your advice for knee guard?

    1. AK

      Riding pants are much safer, comfortable, and better looking than knee guards. I would highly suggest you go for full protection, rather than just your knees 🙂
      If you must go for knee guards, I’ve heard good things about the A* one, costs around 3k I guess, but does the job well.

  2. Swapnil S

    I don’t think this is original fox or is CE rated. Some chinese piece of crap i guess.

    1. AK

      Yeah probably, doubt it’s original for 1500 bucks. But then that’s what you get here, haven’t seen the original one yet.